Friday, May 29, 2015

The Oligarch Genocide

"The Eye of Soros", courtesy the UNZ Review
We offer you another perceptive interview with F William Engdahl, the very knowledgeable commentator on world events:

A Sample:

Today the oligarchs of the West have a simple agenda: genocide against all darker-skinned non-Anglo Saxon blood lines. I have met many of them over the years at conferences in Davos, Frankfurt, many places. They are bloody racists, eugenicists, people like Gates with his vaccines that kill small babies or make young girls unable to have children
First appeared:

Bill Gates, George Soros, David Rockefeller, Warren Buffett, the DuPonts, the Russell family of Yale University, and others whose names are not so known. They are all fundamentally stupid and ridiculous people who are incapable of seeing the consequences of every life they take to the entirety of the human species. For them to kill the “useless eaters” like ourselves, they make wars, spread disease, make more and more of our children sick and crippled via their poison vaccines, destroy healthy non-chemical traditional medicine like exists still in parts of China or Iran or Russia in favor of the drugs and toxins of Western Drug companies who, by the way, control WHO. They create terrorist organizations to spread their wars of destruction such as Al Qaeda in Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and across the Arab world, Fethullah Gülen’s Cemaat in Turkey and beyond, ISIS which was a creation of US and Israeli intelligence to destroy Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian ties to Iran and Iraq
First appeared:

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Anonymous said...

Only a guess of course, but I suspect Mr Engdahl is a system apparatchik spreading a bit of disinformation. From my study, albeit partial and fragmentary, of 'the conspiracy', the goal of the world planners such as the Rockefellers / Bilderbergers et. al. and their shadowy controllers is not the elimination of the colored races but the use of those races to destroy European peoples and thereby create their desired 'universal brown man' whom the planners anticipate will be more mouldable to their will.
To achieve this evil plan all potential centers of opposition on the world stage will have to be suborned, subverted or entirely eliminated. Christianity and particularly the Catholic Church have long been in the globalist's cross-hairs. I believe following WWII the Vatican was presented with an ultimatum; submit or face persecution on a global level. The Vatican choose to submit, and the Second Vatican Council was the result with the consequent watering-down key elements of doctrine. Clearly the new guard represented by John XXIII saw a big future for themselves and their modernized church as a compliant and willing cog in the globalist machine.

Aged parent said...


I link to Engdahl on this blog under "interesting sites". I believe if you read more of him you might see he is not in the disinformation business. Quite the contrary.

As for his remarks about "brown-skinned people" I'm fairly certain he was referring to those other than the kind who ripped up Ferguson, Baltimore, etc.

I think he is generally on the side of the angels. But I'm willing to entertain a contrary view of him.

Anonymous said...

AP, yes I probably over reacted a bit! A consequence of having recently read A K, ( a cousin of the great G K ), Chesterton's book 'The New Unhappy Lords' (1965).

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