Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Pornographers March to Ukraine

The blessings are just pouring into Ukraine now, after the US/EU-directed coup in Ukraine ousted the legitimate leaders over a year ago.  First, Levantine billionaires came streaming in (some of whom were elected to high office), and then followed Monsanto and then - God help them - Joe Biden's son, waiting in the wings to leech off Ukraine's energy wealth.  Now the citizens of Ukraine will suffer a deluge of pornography on top of that, thanks to its puppet government.

The report is here:

Dr E Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars, has often pointed out how pornography is used to keep populations subjugated and eventually unable, in their newly-unleashed passions, to even think straight.  It leaves them neutered. This method, smooth and sophisticated, has worked very well in the West, especially in America and Europe.  It keeps people enslaved to their own concupiscence and turns them cowardly and submissive.  And the icing on the cake for the pornographers is that they become millionaires in the bargain.

Ukraine was badly betrayed by a combination of forces motivated by various ideas which included greed, hubris, power lust and the extermination of Christianity.  Its citizens, pawns in the Games of the Plutocrats, will now be materially, mentally and spiritually impoverished by these forces.  It is tragically true that some Ukrainian Catholics cannot see how they are being manipulated and used; the instigators of these shocking events have cleverly utilized the age old "divide and conquer" methodology, resurrecting ancient hatreds between Ukraine and Russia, between Catholic and Orthodox.  It was a brilliant strategy. It has distracted attention from the larger picture.  By exacerbating these old hatreds the overlords can do their dirty work without fear of being called out by Catholics or Orthodox for the raping and destroying of their country.

So now after all the turmoil and misery, and deaths, caused by forces outside of Ukraine and outside of Russia, the Ukranians will now be bombarded with pornography and their young will be drawn into this dark world of the sexual revolution.

It is not considered polite to say, "I told you so".


aly said...

Hello aged-parent. I dropped by to say hello and for somehow a little comfort. Immediately I'm greeted with E. Michael Jones which too offers that comfort of familiarity. I just heard a tid bit of dismaying trend. Statue of Pope in Paris is being removed because the Cross is too big. And too the UN is concerned by rising 'racism' in France. France and the UN have gotten what they paved the way to. Prayers for you and family.

Aged parent said...

Nice to hear from you again, aly, and thank you very much for the prayers.

aly said...

E. Michael Jones says that XXX videos are being distributed in Tehran presumably by Israeli operatives (maybe CIA too) left on doorsteps. Also last time IDF took over West Bank tv station they began and continued for the duration broadcasting XXX. At least in spite of so-called Israel the Vatican is soon formally recognizing the State of Palestine. And thank you Aged parent.

Anonymous said...

lOVE your blog Aged parent.
Tonight on Australia's 60 minutes a reporter talks about the evidence pointing to Russian involvement in the MH370 atrocity.
If it is true then I hope Vlad shows he has more moral stamina than the Obamagod and seeks restitution on behalf of the families of the victims.
However all angles must be covered including anything involving Kiev. Interesting how the Yanks are not interested !!

Anonymous said...

Aged Parent,

You may not be familiar with, but the priest, and his sermons are excellent.

Here is one that touches on this very topic:

People have to be made aware of this.

Anonymous said...

Jews have always been behind the pornography industry. They use it to destabilize every society in which they are parasitically residing.
They will let others "carry their water" but they are the true villains.
Our Lord will smash them at the final judgement. Until then, we must maintain vigilance to protect ourselves.

Aged parent said...


This might interest you. It comes from a Jewish journalist who did some solid research into the plane disaster:

aly said...

Correction: John Paul II statue in Brittainy.

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