Friday, May 22, 2015

Orthodox Rabbis tell it like it is

It's helpful to see things like this:

And they demanded the recusal of fellow-Jews Ginsburg and Kagan.  Did any Christians make the same demand?  Perhaps I missed Cardinal Wuerl at the protest?

Pray (and work) for the conversion of the Jews.


Anonymous said...

These Orthodox Rabbis doth protest too much! After all it is to their advantage if nominally Christian nations destroy themselves by embracing the homosexual agenda.

Anonymous said...

The only side of any issue that these demons are on is the side of confusion and dissension.
A common trait among the "Tribe" is to appear to be on one side of an issue and to perfidiously work for the opposite side.
These "friends" we can do without.

Anonymous said...

Zionist Jews are the enemy of the world. These are Orthodox Jews. Orthodox Jews do not recognize or accept the evildoer Zionist "Jews". That is my understanding anyway. Here is an interesting website for all to read.

Anonymous said...

I will admit that I did not go to the website that you have suggested.
A Jew is a Jew. There is no difference in any of them. Perfidy is their common trait.

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