Monday, May 11, 2015

My poor, sad England, cont.

England is sort of my second home, as I have mentioned more than once on this blog.  Having spent much time there in my life and having acquired many friends there, I follow their travails as if England was the nation of my birth.

The recent election, aka that semi-annual puppet show according to Mr Belloc, fills me with dread for that beautiful land of kind and gracious people.  They have just re-elected that utter stooge of the Financial Interests, the ridiculous David Cameron.  True, just like America the people were given poor choices, but it hurts me to see that there are still so many deluded souls in Britain, a nation with a rich history.  But perhaps this is all of a piece; their Monarchy essentially died with the Plantagenets, the Kings and Queens who followed became more and more servile and mediocre until the ludicrous present day, when Queen Elizabeth can actually put her signature to an unjust and irrational "law" that allows for two (or more?) queer to engage in something they call a marriage.

Here is a superb reading of the debacle from Mr Hitchens:

While reading the excellent Hitchens piece Americans can substitute "Republican" for the British Conservative Party and "Democrat" for their Labor Party to get an exact picture of the situation.

A quote:

I never for a moment imagined that Big Money and Big Lies could so successfully scare, cajole and diddle the electorate of this country. I grew up in a Britain both better-educated and more honest than the one we have today. Perhaps that is why I could not see this possibility.   I have not seen, in my lifetime, a campaign so dishonest, so crude, so based in fear and so redolent of third-world and banana republic political tactics.

That above quote pretty well describes what goes on in America to a tee.  No matter where one lives the swindlers always swindle.

Will Albion ever be freed of its perfidy?


Anonymous said...


I see he missed two things:

The difference between the votes,and those who actually "count" them.

And the strange allegiances or connections between those who count them, who fund everything, who finance every thing, and who tell the commoner what they should think about everything.

Or are those entities one and the same?

Anonymous said...

aged parent. Our two parties- Americans substitute Republican for Liberal (conservative party) and Democrats for Australian Labor Party are both tied to big spenders.

Anonymous said...

THE book to read is Michael Hoffman's 'Usury in Christendom; The Mortal Sin That Was and is Now Not'.

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