Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Optimism of Sandro Magister

Our blogging colleague, S Armaticus over at his valuable Deus Ex Machina blog, has been focusing, rightly, on the upcoming Synod of Sodomy Part II.  His blog is one of our daily "musts" and he often has well-reasoned analyses of the machinations of the Stealth Bishops who are doing their damnedest [word carefully chosen] to bring the Church to its ultimate suicide by greasing the skids for an acceptance of the abominable mortal sin of sodomy, and the neutering of the Sacrament of Marriage.  What efforts world governments are making to destroy these holy unions are being helped by the Modernists in the Church (funny, that).

S Armaticus has an excellent piece today which is highly recommended.

It is one of optimism.  The author bases that optimism on the optimism of Sandro Magister, noted Vatican watcher.  My personal view of Mr Magister based on reading him and in several email exchanges with him is that he might, perhaps, be too optimistic not only about Pope Francis but about other matters.  He has been going along with the zeitgeist on certain political matters which is a surprise considering what a diligent researcher he appears to be.  Like many of us he is susceptible to propaganda.  The point I'm attempting to make here is that occasionally he is too trusting - a fine quality most of the time but one which can open the door to being manipulated by clever men with lots of money and the worldwide media at your beck and call.

Nevertheless we cannot dismiss the well-informed Magister out of hand, nor can we overlook the thoughtful analysis of S Armaticus.  He asks if the New Revolution, the Final Revolution as it were, is being put on hold by Francis. Based on Magister an optimist  might agree.  Based on His Eminence Cardinal Pell one also might have grounds for thinking the tide is turning against the destroyers.  This writer is not quite yet prepared to be as optimistic as Pell or Magister, for the evil forces at work are being directed by an Angelic Intelligence who made it extremely clear to his creator that he "will not serve".  It is possible to think that the tide may be turning against them even as we retain our caution. Dying Modernists like dying empires do not go quietly away; even in their death throes they will destroy whatever they can on the way down.  But I am a great believer in the efficacy of sincere prayer (see http://theeye-witness.blogspot.com/2014/07/encounter-with-muslims.html) and there is no doubt that prayers imploring God to awaken Francis so that he might begin smelling the coffee are now being said around the world.

Maybe we're not dead yet.


Anonymous said...

The deputy leader of the Australian Labor party-Tanya Plibersek- has called for the removal of the conscience vote on gay marriage for her fellow Federal parliamentarians on gay/sodomite marriage.
Plibersek is the epitome of a another quote by an Australian LABOR PARTY politician and great Christian Kim Beazley Snr. (jnr went on to lead the party for a while in the 90s') who said "when I joined the Labor Party it had the cream of the working class.Now it has the dregs of the middle class.When are you perverts going to stop using the labor party as a spiritual spittoon?" Plibersek is a dreg

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for that post. I was feeling a little lonely out here, thinking I was almost alone in not buying the hope and optimism package that Magister presented. I'm just not buying it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a sense of calm detachment is required by us. The path taken by the Catholic Church during the 1960's seems inexorably to lead to the present situation where the Church cannot oppose the world but is captivated by its evil designs.
Religious indifferentism, multiculturalism, abortion, sodomy and hyper-equality are the approved goals.
What will be the point of belonging to a church that approves of abortion, sodomy, and at a future date also euthanasia?
It will be like living in a world depicted in the movie 'Logan's Run'. The inevitable revolt against our evil masters could take centuries but it will happen.

S. Armaticus said...

Dear Aged Parents:

Thank you for the very kind words.

With respect to the present situation I think Francis is blocked. He has been blocked by the delegations from the bishops conferences who have been pouring over the FIVE CARDINALS book and doing their homework. I know this to be the case in Poland.

This by no means to say that we are out of the woods. We always need to be vigilant. To quote President Reagan, "trust by verify".

As for my blog and the information that I want to convey to my readers, it is that we need to know what is important, more important and most important.

What is most important is the Magisterium. This is something that the Modernists (evil one) has been trying to corrupt unsuccessfully for 50+ years. Everything else is secondary.

Having said the above, the problem that we have now is that Francis does not think like the previous popes of the Ionnian/Pauline line. To be perfectly honest, he (and Arch. Fernandez) have made up their own religion.

What is troubling in dealing with Francis is that you never know what the rules are. He could do something that on the surface seems benign, and after it is said and done, he comes out with a rationale which he claims is from the "god of surprises", and now it has an importance that you would not expect it to have.

A good case in point is the Synod of Bishops. If you recall, at the beginning of the process, the Synod was sold as just some sort of advisory body to help Francis write an encyclical on the Family. As of the 12 of May, we found out that the Synod is one of two pillars of the church. Who would have thunk. So something that was not supposed to have that great of importance, now appears to have been a make or break moment. Just think what would have happened if one of those heretical paragraphs would have gotten the 2/3 majority.

Anyways, sorry for running long, and I hope I didn't spoil your optimism. We really dodged a major bullet at that last Synod.

Take care and God bless,


Aged parent said...

S. Armaticus:

Many thanks for the insightful comment. Your blog is a big help to me and I am sure, many others.

By the way, I have no optimism to spoil!

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