Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ireland slaps God in the face

Back in 1980 I was in Ireland working on a film.  Because of the low budget we stayed at "bed and breakfast" locales rather than hotels and the advantages to that were not only financial but social: it gave us a chance to get to know the Irish as they really were, in their own homes.

Their hospitality and kindness was evident from the moment we arrived in Dublin.  The countryside, where we we shooting, breathtaking.  But as we got to know our various hosts we began to see that not all was well with the land.  I recall vividly one delightful lady at whose home we stayed being absolutely stymied that we acted Catholic.  She was a Catholic, she proudly informed us.  But I cannot imagine of what kind. For all intents and purposes she was a card-carrying Protestant, or a Mass-going Protestant, as Hamish Fraser used to say.

Let's be honest: the Irish have been drifting away for decades, certainly most noticeably after that ill-begotten Council.  We saw with our own eyes the Faith drained out of the body of the Irish people already by 1980.  In 15 short years the Faith was virtually strangled to death in that great nation. They were Catholic only by custom, not conviction.

I'm afraid we encountered this attitude all through our two week visit.  Director John Ford (born Sean Feeney) used to say that there is a peculiar, almost perverse strain in the Irish, a sort of combative ignorance about certain things that makes the world wonder - the more so because they maintain their enormous Irish charm while believing outlandish things.  But I suspect that Ford never in a million years would have imagined the Irish people rising up, their fists shaking toward Heaven and boldly slapping God their creator right across the face.  Yesterday, they did just that.

And they did it with the help of their miserable, traitorous, spineless Bishops, the ones appointed by John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  Bishops rotten to the core.  Bishops whose skulls will pave the walkways of Hell unless before death they make their peace with the Creator they have struck so shamefully.

These benighted people voted overwhelmingly to support the farcical concept known as "same sex marriage".  It won't, however, be so farcical when the jackboots come out.

I recall certain words spoken by the Blessed Virgin about "many nations" that will be "annihilated". Ireland has just been annihilated in a way far, far worse than an atom bomb.  I'm beginning to think that this is the kind of thing she may have meant when she spoke of the annihilation of certain nations.

Many years ago Ireland had a great Primate who warned his people that if they continued on this course which, then, was divorce and contraception, that they would bring a curse upon Ireland.  They ignored him.

Behold the curse.


Anonymous said...

AP, being of Irish ancestry myself your feelings are very understandable. True, the bishops are despicable traitors and tremendous guilt will weigh upon their unworthy shoulders, but the real force in the land is the formidable opinion forming capacity of television. Its ability to program and control a passive population is unequaled in history.
Our whole effort must be directed to breaking the mind-mumbing influence of this pernicious evil.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, Anon.

I'll let no less a person than Joe Biden explain to us how television prepared the way for this, and of those who have veto power over anything that gets on television:

Damask Rose said...

It's terrifying. It's going to come back at them.

Your 2:00pm comment WaPo link article title says it all really.

PS I love your blog. You're very brave. God bless you and your family.

Christus Rex.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Damask Rose.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aged Parent,

That's the bad news.

However, check out the Polish Presidential elections.

Please, please don't despair.

Niech będzie pochwalony Jezus Chrystus. Na Wieki Wieków Amen

Anonymous said...

God Bless and keep you. Your comments are what have been playing on my mind...It will come back on Ireland...just watching and waiting...

Anonymous said...

Fellow posters, please don't be too critical of Catholics in Ireland. Although this referendum had all the trappings of 'democracy' there was in effect little choice involved, as the electorate, (well, 60% of those who voted), merely responded according to the Pavlovian programming they were conditioned by. Yes, the media really is that strong, and don't think 'we' are too intelligent to be manipulated in this way. The programming is so clever and subtle that most people who are passively absorbing the media message fall victim to it. That is why I advise all patriots and Christians to dump their television sets; you will be a lot healthier and happier if you do.
Also, the fact that most of the Catholic hierarchy were either neutral or slightly 'pro-yes' indicates that they are under the thumb of external hostile forces.
We can hazard some guess as to the identity of these hostile forces!

Anonymous said...

No need to guess.
It is Jews. If there is trouble anywhere, there is a Jew nearby.

Pat said...

This comment fails to contribute anything to the discussion.

Anonymous said...

And besides being a nanny-scold, what does your comment add?

Anonymous said...

It's all because of Vatican II and the modernist heresy. Read up on this! Read the sources!

I am Not surprised at all.

Unknown said...

It's the fault of Jews, really? If you said demons acting through human agencies I would have agreed with you. But Jews?
To the extent any of those leftist Americans who funded this grand deception are Jews by birth, I'd bet my last dollar that none of them are religious. They are godless secularists, whether by birth Jews, Russians, Germans or any other nationality.
Godless secularists, or rather God-hating secularists have been sowing the seeds of this now for decades, all too many of them from within the Catholic Church: parasites, feeding on the mystical body. But the day of their reckoning will come.

Anonymous said...

Re Unknown,the historical fact remains that ethnic groups are in conflict for power and resources. The religion, or none, professed by waring ethnic groups can serve as an identifier or as a disguise, so I will leave 'religion' out of the equation and just concentrate on the ethnic aspect. The answers to the following cannot be brushed aside lightly: who were the principal players in the "Russian" revolution, who financed that conflict, who formed the destructive of the Frankfurt School, who has the predominant control and influence in the media of news and entertainment, who opened the floodgates to the Islamic and Third World, who is pushing for abortion, sodomy and every other form of deviancy?
You will no doubt respond by saying 'secular humanists' were/are guilty of those evils. Secular humanist were a necessary but not a sufficient cause, the sufficiency can only be understood when the ethnic networking and identity of the facilitators and enablers of these 'secular humanists' is openly stated without fear of name calling.

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