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Regarding the Lund Horror of 31 October 2016


There isn't much that can be said for Pope Francis' latest scandal which will take place in Lund  on October 31st, other than that it constitutes a betrayal of Saints, scholars and martyrs who fought for and defended the Faith against those who tore Christendom asunder five hundred years ago.  One thing it is not: it is not unprecedented.  The trail to Lund was blazed by John Paul II with his visits to Lutheran temples and by Benedict XVI who continued that sad legacy.

The only thing left to cap this insult to God would be for some Pope to authorize a sort of ersatz "canonization" of Luther.  In these days of disorientation such a hing cannot be ruled out.

Mr James Larson has written about these things, some of which we have presented here.  The following quote sums up very well what is at stake :

Possibly no single event will more clearly unite all the elements of this Catholic disintegration than Pope Francis’ scheduled visit to Lund, Sweden on October 31, 2016 in order to kick off a year-long celebration honoring Martin Luther and the Protestant Revolution (culminating on Oct 31, 2017 – the 500th anniversary of Luther’s nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church). 

Along with Lutheran World Federation President Bishop Dr. Munib A. Younan and General Secretary Rev. Dr. Martin Junge, the Pope will lead an Ecumenical Commemoration and common worship service in Lund Cathedra – based on the Catholic-Lutheran Common Prayer, released in January 2016 by both the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity PCPCU) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). ThisCommon Prayer, in turn, “follows directly” from the publication in 2013 of the document titled From Conflict to Communion (the fruit of 50 years of ecumenical dialogue between the PCPCU and LWF). The Common Prayer praises Luther and “the many guiding theological and spiritual insights that we have all received through the Reformation”, and commits both Catholics and Lutherans to the premier guiding principle that all future relations should “begin from the perspective of unity and not from the point of view of division….”

Truly it is hard to imagine that the Church leadership has gone so far off the rails as we see now with the current Modernist Regime in power.  But it is impossible to deny the reality.  In-depth studies of what Lund means to the Church can be found by persuing the various articles on Mr Larson's blog,

Who was this man, Martin Luther?  He was a tortured man, given to religious excess when still Catholic, hot-tempered, initially concerned with the foul corruption in the ministers of the Church of his time (a corruption that pales in comparison with the corruption in the Church today) but ultimately abandoning her.  He was learned but emotional in the extreme.  He could weep for a wounded deer in the forest and at the same time call for the slaughter of peasants who carried his reforms too far - to their logical conclusion in fact.  His concerns soon led him to heresy and defiance and the defending of princes who could steal Church property willy-nilly while taking a second or a third wife.  He was horrified to see what his "reform" had done to the unity of Europe (eventually culminating in the rise of the Anabaptist  madness in Munster Germany, a veritable feast of murder, bestiality, fornication and weird religiosity) yet charged ahead anyway even in the face of the disaster he could see with his own eyes.

Historian Christopher Hollis states that "He had thrown overboard Reason, and all controversy must cease when the controversialist repudiates Reason.  There is nothing for it but the slanging match.  To this Luther had very readily taken, and his last writings are hardly those of a sane man."

From the Lutheran reform came the errors of capitalism, the worship of the state and the crushing of the poor. We may be so bold as to ask if Francis aware of such things, he who is so concerned by the plight of the world's poor and the exploitations of the rich.

The modern rise of oppressive states ruled behind the scenes by the super-rich owes everything to the 16th century reformers.  For Luther, and later Queen Elizabeth, princes would have absolute rights over the Church.  Americans need only to look around them to see the iron hand getting nearer to the throats of the populace.

And this is the man and the Movement our current Pope wishes to celebrate?

Larson comments on the document From Conflict to Communion, written by the fuzzy-headed pseudo theologians of our Vatican to commemorate their love affair with Lutheranism:

“In the course of history, the Lutheran ministerial office has been able to fulfill its task of keeping the church in the truth so that nearly five hundred years after the beginning of the Reformation it was possible to declare a Catholic-Lutheran consensus on the basic truth of the doctrine of justification [as explored in my article The Dream of Nabuchodonosor, this statement is a blatant falsification], If, according to the judgment of the work of the Second Vatican Council, the Holy Spirit uses ‘ecclesial communities’ as means of salvation, it could seem that this work of the Spirit would have implications for some mutual recognition of ministry. Thus, the office of ministry presents both considerable obstacles to common understanding and also hopeful perspectives for rapprochement.”

So are we now to believe against the entire teaching of two thousand years, codified by infallible statements, that salvation can now be found in Protestant sects?  Apparently so, according to the trademark ambiguity of the Vatican IIistas.

The late Mr D.B. Wyndham-Lewis finds Luther's doctrine "often vague, often subtle, often confused", a charge that could easily be laid in our day against a Walter Kasper, a Urs von Baltasar or a Jorge Bergoglio.  "Its implications," writes Wyndham-Lewis "may be summed up altogether in one phrase: that there exists no visible Church on earth, no central and universal and unchanging Christian Authority, derived from Christ Himself."

A very familiar ring sounds in our ears with this description by Wyndham-Lewis about how the Mass was quietly removed from the populace of Saxony and Scandinavia.  "The Saxon populace was...'so attached to he Mass that nothing could tear it from their hearts' (Melanchthon).  Luther therefore arranged the introduction of novelties by degrees, in such a manner that the simple could not notice them; for example, under his regime in Saxony in 1527-8 the outward forms and the Ordinary of the Mass were preserved and the Host and the Chalice elevated as was customary, but the Canon of the Mass, the consecrating portion and center and raison d'etre of the whole Sacrifice, was quietly omitted, thus nullifying the whole....Thus was the Mass filched secretly and unawares from the northern Germans."  [D.B. Wyndham-Lewis, Charles of Europe ]

The Mass reformers of Vatican II learned their lesson well.

Priests, Bishops, scholars and layfolk all went to the gallows in countries like reformed England defending the Catholic Faith and the Mass.  Men went mad with despair over this shipwreck of Europe.    Now their sacrifices and memories and tragedies will be forgotten by a Vatican that has lost all its connection with the past.  On October 31, 2016, a Pope of Rome will consign the memories of all these men and women who suffered to save the Faith in Europe to the trash in what must be assessed as a crazed effort to warp the teachings of a Divinely-instituted Church.

Our only hope lies in the reality that God is not mocked forever.

[Note: for a superb evaluation of Luther and his role in the breakup of the unity of Europe we suggest obtaining a copy of Charles of Europe by D. B. Wyndam Lewis.  Your library will most likely have it or a used copy can by purchased at reliable online sellers like]

[Note: I had inadvertently written here that this meeting in Lund was to take place on October 17th.  Thanks to a careful reader who caught the error I have modified the post to reflect the actual date of the Pope's visit, which is on the 31st.  Apologies for the error.]


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Praypraypray said...

Can you imagine the Queen of England coming to the USA on the 4th of July to join in on the celebration of America's Independence from Britain/England ?!? Furthermore, can you imagine the Queen of England or any English/British royalty joining in on some huge Centenial, Bicentenial, or Tricentenial celebration of America's Independence from England?!? In 1976, as a true American, I was surprised, to hear Britsh Elton John singing, "Philadelphia Freedom" for America's Bicentenial! Of course, that is trivial compared to this fiasco!
This joining with the Lutherans in their CELEBRATION OF BREAKING AWAY FROM THE ONE, TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH is absurd, preposterous, foolish, ludicrous, and ridiculous! It's an abomination! I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lightning strike from Heaven during their wicked festivities!
"In the course of history, the Lutheran ministerial office has been able to fulfill its task of keeping the church in the truth..."?!? They actually have the gall to proclaim that about the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual-union, pro-women's ordination Lutheran church!?! Next, I guess they'll ask, "What is truth"?!?, because apparently they do NOT know Truth!
"Jesus said to him, 'I AM the Way and the Truth and the Life...'"
John 14:6

God is NOT mocked!
May God help the truth to prevail and may He expose the evil doers and convert them.
Praise God! Thank You, God!

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