Monday, October 24, 2016

Why Syria?

Why the war on Syria?

These pages have been trying to untangle the mess that is the Syrian war by looking at the causes.  We have linked to numerous scholarly and well-balanced pieces by knowledgeable people as to why this carnage is going on.  But far too many wish to focus only on the Muslim backlash, even more so on the rise of the fanatical sects within Islam responsible for so many recent horrors.

But we are interested in.... the why.  Why did these things happen in the first place?  Why are some Muslims (usually of the Sunni variety, as opposed to the Shia variety which does not want bloodshed) committing such horrific acts of depravity?  Why do they now look to the US as their bitterest enemy when in decades past no country was more respected in the Arab world than America?


There is a catalyst to all this if one cares to know what it is.  If one really cares about stopping the massacre of innocent Christians, if one really has mercy for those who are suffering, then it would be productive if we investigate the causes for all this evil.  It is not good enough to look at the bleeding limb of a human being and decry the bleeding.  Better that we should know why it is bleeding and then begin to bandage the wound.

The following article goes into the question of "why".  It is not comprehensive in diagnosing the "why" but it does go a long way into explaining who it is that started this evil.  I recommend its careful perusal.

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