Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Diabolic assault on the very Idea of Europe

"The Faith is Europe and Europe is the Faith", the famous words of Hilaire Belloc.

As of now, Europe is being destroyed not only by the hedonism hammered into her by wealthy Tribesmen and their lackeys, but now by the clever move of sending aliens into Europe to completely eradicate all traces of its glorious Catholic past.  Based on Mr Belloc's phrase and also what we are seeing with our own eyes only the Faith can now save Europe.

This new effort at destruction is a brilliant, may I say diabolical, ploy.  The "elite" (let us call them that for now) are using their American attack dog to destroy the Middle East to make it safe for their favorite little country, the refugees are pouring into Europe and Christendom dies a little more.  The icing the cake is a Pope who is thrilled with the idea of changing Europe forever.  A perfect storm? We think so.

William Engdahl has written an interesting piece about this, the money quote of which is this:

According to sources in Budapest, an allegedly Soros-supported organization, No Borders, is reported by Serbian papers to have urged migrants in Serbia, blocked from entering the EU by the Hungarian border fence, to set out for the Hungarian border. Those reluctant to depart were reportedly pushed and shoved, allegedly even beaten by the activists to get them going, like a cattle stampede. A group of several hundred migrants – all men aged around 30 with the exception of two women – are on their way to the Hungarian border. No Borders is the same amorphous organization that has been involved in the refugee trouble inCalais.

This is a well-organized, well-funded, brilliantly executed move coupled with an effective strategy to direct people's anger at the refugees and away from the perpetrators.  Mr Engdahl mentions some of the sinister actors involved though he stops short of naming the religious affiliation of the destroyers. Fine.  It is no secret - especially among Europeans - who it is who is organizing their destruction.

Writes Engdahl:

Now before you react, I am fully aware that the Norwegian Nobel Committee which decides Nobel Peace Prize winners has usually chosen based on a globalist agenda, one might call them corrupted by it. I’m aware they have in the past given the prize to some very not-peace-loving candidates including Henry Kissinger, Barack Obama, even the European Union. Nonetheless, I want to nominate the courageous Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, for the award. Let me explain my reasons.

He stands, together with more than three million of his fellow Hungarians, opposed to the destructive demands of the unelected, faceless bureaucrats of the European Union, to block the forced future imposition of refugees from Syria and who knows where, in Hungary. His stand might well be the catalyst to stop the disintegration of the nation-state in Europe, and stop a social conflict that threatens to rip Europe apart in a frenzy of hate and destruction.

The Notable Referendum

I’ve noted before that Viktor Orban is unusual for a European politician or prime minister. He is actually a genuine democrat, which clearly is why the EU Commission and so many fake democratic EU leaders demonize him and call him totalitarian or who knows what. Now, as most reading this know, on October 2 Hungarians went to vote in a national referendum. Hungary, unlike Germany and other EU nations, allows its citizens to express their preferences in referendum form. Orban has used this tool in the past to be sure whether he has a strong popular backing for major decisions.

The results on October 2 saw 3 million 204 thousand eligible Hungarians voting on the refugee referendum. An impressive 95% of those, or 3 million forty four thousand, voted No! to the Brussels plan of forced national refugee quotas. The mainstream media across the EU claims it is a mandatory quota but only for some two thousand refugees. Reality is it is a forced quota for any and all refugees the EU accepts from now on. That’s what makes it so dangerous. The schemers behind the EU refugee crisis intend to use it to destroy national sovereignty, eliminate borders, the nation-state, and national identity.

The total Hungarian voter turnout was 43% of eligible voters. The question they were asked translates: “Do you want the European Union to be able to mandate the obligatory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens into Hungary even without the approval of the National Assembly?”

In a press conference immediately after the results were made known, Orban declared, “As regards those who voted, today nine out of ten people decided in favour of Hungary’s right to make sovereign decisions. We may be proud, I believe we may be proud that as the first Member State of the European Union, and the only one so far, the Hungarian people had the opportunity to state their opinion on the issue of immigration.” He added, “… this is perhaps the most important issue for the years ahead, the future of Hungary, the future of our children and grandchildren: whom we should live together with; what will happen to our culture; what will happen to our way of life and our economic system, revived with great effort; and what will happen to our Christian roots.”

Finally Orban once more pointed, as he has repeatedly, to the un-democratic nature of Brussels and the EU Commission: “There is a modern-day population movement in progress around the world. The waves of this have reached Europe, spectacularly and painfully. The question now is what the response of the European Union will be. The EU’s proposal is that we should let the migrants in, and that it should mandatorily distribute them among the Member States, and that Brussels should decide on this distribution.”

Read the whole article

Only the Faith will save Europe...and the world.


Mission Accomplished, George:

The Soros & Co plan is working well.  The Usual Suspects begin aggressive wars in the Middle East using their American attack dog to do the dirty work, flood Europe with aliens, many of them criminal and hostile, force out the natives.  It is the same plan as that hatched in America during the 1940s and 50s where peaceful, idyllic towns and cities were turned into crime-ridden hellholes. That was on a smaller scale but the principle was the same.


Anonymous said...

The plan, namely the Kalergi Plan, has been quietly talked about in the elite circles since the 1920s and probably dates back much further at least to the time of the French Revolution. It would be nice to hope that 'faith' can turn the situation around but how is that possible when not only has the Church been compromised but many key figures are openly in the enemy camp. The late Cardinal Archbishop Martini of Milan was one such prelate and his influence predates that of Senor Jorge Bergoglio. I suspect when the average Catholic in Europe discovers the depth of the Vatican's contempt for the spiritual and temporal welfare of its membership there will be an explosion of rage against the Church.
One thing is sure, these bishops fanatically sawing at the branch they are sitting on won't survive the fall.

Aged parent said...

You are right. It may take a miracle, or an unprecedented disaster, to awaken Europe.

Martini was beneath contempt.

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