Friday, October 21, 2016

What Mr Trump has unleashed

From Jack Kerwick:

Irrespectively of how he, in fact, will govern if he becomes president, it’s no longer possible to deny that Donald Trump is indeed the anti-Establishment candidate.
To get as far as he has, Trump has had to battle the Regime every step of the way.  Now that the election is less than a month off, it has dispatched its agents from all quarters to not just defeat Trump, but to crucify him.
The Clintons and their legions of surrogates from the Obamas to the Bushes, from the Republican leadership in the Congress to all of the major media are tirelessly doing anything and everything to destroy the one person who (they at least believe) poses the biggest threat to their Empire.
Yet, as of this writing, Trump is still standing and the outcome of this contest remains an open question.  He will continue standing, I predict, right through Election Day—whether he wins the race or loses it, for Trump has already won.
To repeat, Trump has won.
Most Americans have long admitted to having, if nothing else, an intuitive sense that both Washington D.C. and the media are corrupt.
Trump has confirmed in spades that they’ve been right to trust their gut.  His candidacy has revealed for all with eyes to see the existence of a massive, sprawling government-media complex created and preserved by an elite that advances its class-interest behind the veneer of such rhetorical fictions as “Democracy,” “the Will of the People,” “Equality,” and the like.
This ruling class of like-minded individuals is accustomed to directing the lives of the rest of us.  However, its exercise of control is just as subtle as it is relentless, facilitated by an abstract, ahistorical, universalistic ideology.  Its proponents describe the latter in terms of “values,” “ideals,” “principles.”  Though Democrats are reluctant to invoke it, the doctrine of “American Exceptionalism,” the creed that America is nothing else than a proposition or idea, also expresses this ideology.  Moreover, it makes the ideology that much more marketable by lulling the casual hearer into thinking that the affirmation of this borderless, globalist doctrine is equivalent to an assertion of patriotism.
Trump, whether he intended for this to happen or not, has in effect deconstructed this myth.  He’s revealed that while the Regime promotes its fiction in the name of the citizenry, millions and millions of Americans, those to whom Hillary derisively referred as “deplorables,” resolutely reject it.
There have been other whistleblowers on the Regime.  Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul are two of the most prominent that immediately come to mine.  In fairness, even Bernie Sanders’ candidacy shed light on the corruption of Democrat Party politics.  But Trump is the first in our lifetime that has succeeded in actually exposing in all of its nakedness the manipulative, deceptive, and hypocritical nature of the whole Establishment.  Sanders is a leftist tool, and while Buchanan and Paul are both principled men—vastly more principled, in fact, than Trump—the cold hard truth of the matter is that they had neither the exposure nor the brashness to do in decades what Trump has managed to do within less than a year-and-a-half.
If the left and the neocon alt-left in Washington and the media think that a defeat at the polls for Trump is going to spell defeat for the movement that his candidacy brought to the fore, then they are even more delusional than we think.  Most Americans, regardless of party, distrust the media.  The tens of millions of Americans who found a voice in Trump despise it.  Whether Trump wins or loses on November 8, but especially if he loses, Trump’s impassioned base will hold the Regime’s court-appointed hacks accountable.  If he loses and Hillary Clinton proves to be the disastrous president that we know she will be, the contempt on the part of Trump supporters toward the faux journalists and commentators will only intensify.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose, in a sense, that Trump has won. A certain segment of Americans are tired of the corrupt media and Washington D.C. But I'm not so sure that there will still be momentum for the Trump crusade if he loses. I would hope that the movement will continue, but some in the movement may feel that fighting against the machine is a hopeless endeavor. And yet...Trump made it farther than most of his political enemies would have ever dreamed of.

Indeed the unrelenting vilification of Trump by the corporate media is absolute proof of its corruption. Americans believe in the corporate media as if it were a religion, and the news anchors are the ministers providing the sermon. They blindly follow and believe everything they hear from the corrupt news anchors. Brainwashing at its finest.

As the article states, Trump's brashness has made the difference. Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul are good men, but it will take someone who is somewhat mean and ornery to wrest away control from the corrupt politicians who have been in control for a long time now. The corrupt media tends to focus on Trump's personality flaws, of which he has many. I, for one, am not so concerned with his personality as much as I am with his proposed policies, which tend to be very good. We as Americans are so superficial that we seem to care only about personality, as if the presidential candidates are Hollywood film stars, instead of people who will have a very difficult job to do.

~ M. Ray

Aged parent said...

M. Ray,

You have stated the situation perfectly. Thank you for the insightful comment.

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