Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bits and Pieces

George finds a mouse in his bedroom

George Clooney is demanding - yes, demanding! - that Americans vote for Hillary. Well I guess that settles the matter.

The Darwin Award for the Most Loathsome American Bishop this year goes to......Blase Cupich!  Competition was fierce, though.

The American government has announced that it intends to closely monitor the upcoming Russian presidential election, even sending representatives to the polls there to make sure the elections are "honest".  The Russians thought that was OK and then suggested that Russia would likewise send representatives to American polling places on November 8th.  The US government, aghast, said "no".

Julian Assange, in the middle of dumping damaging emails about Hillary Clinton, suddenly got his internet connection cut off in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. How odd.

Mr Obama claims Trump is "unfit" to hold office and has no experience.  Obama's previous experience before being selected by the Money Power was smoking dope in his dorm room.

Vatican officials are desperately trying to find some new kind of sex pervert who can get hugged by Pope Francis and have their picture taken with him..  They've had queers, transvestites, child molesters, the Obamas, you name it.  Maybe they can come up with a man who surgically changes himself into an aardvark.

The Anti-Defamation League assures us that anti-Jewishness is on the rise in America.  Responds one commenter:  "Anti-Semitism is so rampant in America that Jews cannot obtain employment at universities, law firms,  Wall Street and  especially Hollywood."

Wondering who runs the USA?  This might help.

The US media is disgusted (they claim) with the foul mouth of Donald Trump and have expressed their outrage from their perches at ABC, CBS and NBC, the networks that spew pornography every night of the week in prime time.

Pope Francis: James Bruen over at Culture Wars was wondering if you would consider the marriage of Mary and Joseph to be valid?

A preview of coming attractions for Americans: a Clinton campaign bus dropped raw sewage onto a city street rather than a proper disposal site.

The media, aka Mrs Clinton's personal PR firm, is saying that the Russians are interfering with the US elections and that they are behind all the email exposes. Desperation, thy name is Democrat (and Republican.  Let us never forget why they are called "the Stupid Party").

The generosity of the Israeli government knows no bounds. The remaining Palestinians - you know, the people who have lived there for 5,000 years before being kicked out - are allowed a generous two hours of water per week by the government.

Francis keeps his promise.  When questioned shortly after his election to the papacy Francis was asked what he would do with the Homo Mafia in the Vatican. He answered that he would have to "see about it".  And he did.  He has brought into important Church positions and promoted more sodomites than all his predecessors put together.

Black Lives Don't Matter.  At a protest over the killing of a black criminal by a black policeman, a black shoots and kills another black.

Vladimir Putin is practically begging people to wake up and see how the elites are trying to ignite World War III.  Very few are waking up.

Pope Francis it seems has an enemies list.  So did Stalin.

Suppose they made a movie and nobody came?  Ben Hur, not too surprisingly, flops...in spite of the promotion given it by the culturally and cinematically illiterate Bishop Robert Barron.

Suppose they held a political rally and nobody showed up?  Tim Kaine, Hillary's vice-stooge draws a whopping 30 people at a Florida rally.  Apparently crowd control personnel were not needed.

Hollywood wasn't always infested by ideologues.  See SANTA FE TRAIL, a simplified but essentially accurate account of the slavery issue and of the murderous John Brown, who was brilliantly portrayed by Raymond Massey.

Happy Halloween.  Our papal autocrat is going to scare all Catholics on October 31st by singing the praises of Martin Luther.  To be fair they both have one thing in common: they both want people to go out and sin lustily and frequently.

White Lives Don't Matter. Those wily "teenagers" are at it again; https://www.lewrockwell.com/lrc-blog/brazen-versus-normal/

The Syrian army, assisted by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah is making great gains in defeating ISIS.  Naturally, in response, America is now sending more weapons to ISIS and Israel is shelling Syrian army positions.

Catholic Higher Education.  DePaul University President, the saintly Father Dennis Holtschneider ordered pro-life students take down their "Unborn Lives Matter" posters.

In a report by a social agency that keeps records nearly one hundred per cent of young black males involved in crime grew up with no fathers in the house. Strangely, the news media doesn't seem terribly interested in this.

Fresh from his photo-op with Pope Francis the Great Actor Leonardo de Caprio is being investigated for possible financial fraud.  He should be investigated for passing himself off as an actor.

The new slogan making the rounds: "President Nixon put a man on the moon.  President Obama put a man in the ladies room."

Rosemary's Baby Speaks.  [h/t Lew Rockell.com]

Edward in Fairyland: Our friends at Vox Cantoris have highlighted the shenanigans of pretty boy priest Edward Beck, the guy with the stylish coiffure. He'th jutht adorable.

Michael Moore took a break from his McDonald's visits to scream an obscenity-laden lament that Trump will win.  Perhaps he is afraid Trump will ban fast food outlets.

Lesbian trull Judge Sotomayer apparently wanted to hit Judge Scalia with a bat.  If she really wanted to hurt him she need only have sent him a photo of herself.

"Make Soros Happy".  Well, surely we all want to do that.

George Loves Blase.  George Soros is heavily promoting "progressive" Bishops like Blase Cupich to create the kind of Church he (and apparently Francis) wants. How nice.

Mafia Don or Bishop?  Mr Cupich of Chicago

The Pot calling the kettle Black.  CNN resident dog dropping, Van Jones, refers to Donald Trump with a word that perfectly describes himself.

Will someone please put Turkey's president Erdoghan in a cage and lock him up?  The schizophrenic leader first backs Syria then attacks it, first works with Russia then shoots down a Russian plane (in Syrian airspace), first rejects the US/Israel support of ISIS then protects ISIS.  The man is certifiably nuts.

Be All That You Can Be:  our new formidable fighting forces now include sex perverts and transvestites.  Better watch out, Russia: if a war breaks out our soldiers will hit you with their purses.

Back in the day Bishop Fulton Sheen said, ” When any civilization is healthy and vigorous, the Lower Orders ape their Betters ; when it is in decay and dying, the Betters ape the Lower Orders.”   
If that doesn't describe the world today, especially America, I don't know what does.

The Shrine on Mount Tabor was vandalized yesterday with many valuable church items stolen.  The "official" story was that the motive was robbery.  I will believe that when I am convinced that none of the stolen items end up in a New York pawn shop, the kind that usually close on Yom Kippur.

Long overdue.  Pope Francis, maybe it's time to suppress the Jesuits again.  Starting with yourself?


Sixupman said...

You have given me an headache! Pass the bottle, please.

Anonymous said...

That was beyond witty! Thanks for putting some great mocking humor onto these very loathesome events.

Aged parent said...

Anon: I have to keep my sanity somehow! Many thanks.

Sixupman: Sorry about the headache! By the way, I see you're from Manchester. I haven't been there for some years but I always enjoyed stopping there on my way up to Scotland.

Chloe said...

Aged Parent,
As an ugly girl myself, I rarely cast aspersions on another woman's appearance. That said, the statement on Judge SoWantSome-More provided me w/a well needed giggle for today !!

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