Friday, October 14, 2016

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the sex-obsessed prelate

In saner days Vincenzo Paglia would be in jail.  The police would have nabbed him for showing pornographic pictures to children, hauled him away in the squad car and set him before a judge.  He would have been sentenced and served real jail time. But these are not saner days, as should be obvious to anyone who has been awake lately.

Vincenzo Paglia is a Bishop of the Catholic Church and a confidant of a Pope who will surely go down in history as one of the Ten Worst Popes of the last two thousand years.  I don't have to recount the Paglia story here. Readers are well aware of what this character has been up to and for those who don't know I would recommend reading about him in this article.  Paglia and his toadies are about to unleash upon Catholic children and families a "sex education" program designed to kill the innocence of children.  It is all part and parcel of the Pope's approach as outlined in his Amoris Laetitia.

Now let us be straight and clear.  Anyone who would expose children to what Pagila (with the blessing of our extremely odd Pope) is attempting to expose them to is a total disgrace to the cloth he wears. And, yes, he should be in jail. Literally. That the Pope encourages him in this form of child molestation tells us, we must presume using simple human logic, that the Pope himself shares the same beliefs as his protege.  I seriously wonder if Paglia and Francis realize that they will answer to God for this.  Do they even think about this?  Honestly, who can know? I recall what Prof. David Allen White wrote to me a number of years ago, that "God will not allow this to go on much longer".  That dire assessment was written before the current pontificate.  Surely we are edging closer and closer to the last straw, the one that will finally break the camel's back.

I had not been paying too much attention to this story initially. With all the lunacies emanating from Rome of late, bombarding us like squashed bugs on a windshield, I was unaware of what these clerical cockroaches were up to.  But experience should have kept me more alert.  The article by Dr Rick Fitzgibbons was the catalyst for taking a closer look at "The Meeting Point" the Church's shameful foray into what they call sex education but what others are calling a recruitment device.

Taking a closer look did not include looking at the pictures that accompanied the text.  Stronger stomachs than mine will have to wade through that, but I got the drift over what was being depicted.  My initial thoughts rushed towards the faces of innocent children sitting in class and being exposed to this.  Who can imagine what an assault such things are upon children?  Indeed, who would do such a thing to a child? What kind of person has the mindset to abuse little boys and little girls in this manner?  Dr Fitzgibbons believes that such a mind has serious mental problems.  I would posit that such a mind may be possessed.

Such a mind has also lost any remaining vestiges of Catholicism it might have had, too.

A person who would contrive to show pornographic images to children may be many things but is definitely one thing: a sex pervert.  What other explanation is there?  I imagine some will come up with the customary litany of cliches, that Paglia is "misguided", has "made a mistake", has not "thought through the implications of this program", etc. These kinds of explanations will not wash anymore.  The time to believe in such fairy tales is long past. The simpler explanation is the true one: he is a seriously disordered man who has no qualms about exposing little ones to obscene imagery.  In other, simpler words, a sex pervert.

And an embezzler too, apparently.

A high-ranking prelate of the Catholic Church showing dirty pictures to little boys and girls.  This is what the Church has been reduced to in 2016 AD.

Pretty in pink: Vincenzo Paglia

[My blog statistics show that I occasionally have readers in the Vatican.  Who, I don't know.  It could be a Bishop, a priest or a janitor.  But whoever it is I hope they will get word to Paglia that he is endangering the souls of Christ's little ones.  And that he will pay dearly for that when God calls him.

May God pay him that little call soon.]


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"a confidant of a Pope who will surely go down in history as one of the Ten Worst Popes of the last two thousand years."

Supposing the list is open for antipopes, of course ...

sebastian said...

Obama is the Pope.Francis just sways along to the fashion of the new world order like creating bis to suit this new world order and by staying silent on Yemen the poorest country in the world being attacked by the richest countries Saudi Arabia America and Britain same thing with Syria defendng it's self from the foreign sponsors of terrorists who come from all over Europe and the middle East to suit the orders of the new world order lead by America Britain France Saudi Arabia and head chopping countries.

sebastian said...
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Aged parent said...


Agreed. And there are numerous articles on this blog that illustrate the perfidy of the US and its "allies".

Thanks for the comment.

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