Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Please God that he learned something

Pope Francis in Georgia, surrounded by astounding relics, traditional liturgical music and a respect shown his Sacred but much abused Office.

As I watch him surrounded by such ancient tradition I wonder if any of this has any effect upon him, any sense of a connection between the ancient world and today.

Will he learn something from this, from an Orthodox people who have not trashed their traditions and kept their beliefs?  Look at the faces of those Orthodox in the video and see what their eyes are telling him.  Listen to the liturgical music, ancient in its Russian and Arabic character.  Will he see the true nature of this terrible division in Christianity?  Sadly this seems unlikely in his superficial views on what he calls "proselytism".

Will these things be on the mind of Francis when he travels to Lund in a few days, to further stab the hearts of the martyrs who suffered for the Faith at the hands of the Protestant "reformers"?

I have my doubts.

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