Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Riot Police drag parishioners out of Catholic Church

Shocking?  Yes.  But if you read the following article everyone, including Marine Le Pen, is blaming the wrong people.

They blame the police, the government, the parishioners, everybody.  Except the culprits who brought Catholicism to the sorry state it is in so that once-filled Catholic churches are empty and being turned into parking lots.

Who did this?  I'm afraid we all know.

Congratulations, dear Modernists.  You have achieved what you set out to achieve.


Anonymous said...

A very ominous precedent has been set, we can expect to see more use of riot police against faithful Catholics, at the behest of the Vat II crowd.

Aged parent said...

You may be right, Anon.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you want to call the Jews 'modernists'..

Marie said...

That was no Catholic church. It was a Gallican church, built by a "self-proclaimed" bishop on borrowed land. When the self-proclaimed bishop could not gather enough congregation to help maintain and finance his church, the lender decided to take back the land to be sold to a parking lot developer.

At that point, the self-proclaimed bishop instead handed the church over to a semi-Catholic traditionalist priest who is a combination Gallican-SSPX-Good Shepherd. (Of that combination, only the Good Shepherd part is Ecclesia Dei 100% Catholic.) As well, the congregation is a mixed Catholic/SSPX/Good Shepherd.

Because the church building is neither owned nor administered by the Archdiocese of Paris, the archbishop has no authority over it and could not protect it and its occupants.

Still, the police could have waited till the Mass was done before evicting the priest and Mass-goers, as prescribed by the law.

Aged parent said...

Anon: I see what you mean.

Aged parent said...


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