Monday, August 15, 2016

Mr Israel Shamir reveals the Secret of Identity Politics

One of the little codes I live by is this:  if you want the right answers, go to the experts.  Since the experts know more than I will ever know this seems to be a sensible policy.

One such expert is undoubtedly Mr Israel Shamir

Mr Shamir takes a look at identity politics with regard to the current presidential race and offers some thoughtful ideas to help us navigate through the mess.  This writer is more skeptical of Mr Trump than Shamir is but on the question of how "the narrative" is formed and promulgated he is unquestionably the expert.

If one has never read Shamir before I will mention that his criticisms of his own people, though often harsh, are said with that natural affection one has for one's own kind. He is never hateful, but he is very much a realist.  He understands his own people and that is why his insights are so valuable.

From the article:

The Jews can be a formidable enemy: devoid of scruples, they hunt in packs. Like aunts in P G Wodehouse’ fiction, they do not stoop to fair play: they go for the jugular. The hunt for disobedient leaders is their favourite national sport; and woe to a politician who crosses their path. They occupy commanding heights in the US media and finance and they can undermine politicians susceptible to pressure.
Luckily, they can be defeated. Powerful and cunning, Jews are not demonic and possess no magical superhuman powers. They are a force among many forces. Time and again they reached the pinnacle of power and were dislodged. This may happen to them in the US, as well.
It will not be the end of the world, nor the end of history, neither the end of the Jews. Only the Jewish dream to end history will end, at least for a while, while the world will go on. For their attitude is not all bad; they are needed; just their dominance became too total. For America and mankind to thrive, it must be rolled back, not eliminated.
The best politicians are those who succeed in repulsing a concerted Jewish action without giving an inch AND without antagonising the Jews too much. FDR and JFK, even Richard Nixon did it, so can Donald Trump.
The Donald succeeded in doing just that in the affair of the six-pointed star. He was attacked; ADL chief Jonathan Greenblatt urged Trump to apologize. “He should just admit the offense and apologize,” Greenblatt said in an interview on “CNN Tonight”. “I think this would satisfy all of the public – on the right and the left, Democrats and Republicans.”
Trump refused to apologise. He insisted that the star is just a star. He even took his staff to task for removing the offending image. He did not restore it, true, but he volubly scolded an easy-to-bend assistant. This ability to withstand pressure is the most encouraging feature of Mr Trump.
Just compare him with Jeremy Corbyn who took the bait and began to apologise, expel his supporters and demonstrate that he is unable to withstand Jewish pressure. It did not help him at all, the attacks on him grew exponentially.
Trump did not apologise, for it would never satisfy the Jewish appetite for apologies. They always fish for an apology, and an apology always makes them ask for more, and more. The ADL, the notorious organisation that spied on activists, ran its own spies and provocateurs, is the leading tool in this endless search for apology. Refuse apology, otherwise you invite more pressure for more apologies.

Read the whole article.


Anonymous said...

Mr Shamir has a good line in 'revealing' what we already know. His game is a judicious confection of crowing revelation and deceit, somewhat like the technique Benjamin Disraeli used in his novels.
Regarding the three US presidents he points to as examples; FDR was a total instrument of Jewish power, whatever they wanted he obligingly delivered with free extras. JFK resisted pressure over the secret Israeli nuclear program and got his head blown off for his trouble. Nixon's 'transgressions' weren't so serious as to warrant deep-sixing, but keeping the chosen-ones waiting for military supplies during the 1973 war was enough to deliver him Watergate and the controlled media frenzy.
Donald Trump is clever and successful, so he must know the dangers he faces. He is enjoying the challenge no matter what the personal consequences.

FLOR solitaria said...

Mr Shamir is false opposition.
Very well described by the previous anonymous commenter.
He is also pro-euthanasia, in order to get rid of the useless eaters, and in this he does not betray his Tribe.
This is a piece he wrote for The Unz Review last year, in which very cleverly hides his intentions in several layers of claptrap.
My revealing comment is at the end of the comments.

FLOR solitaria said...

@ G
I don't think they can take out The Donald physically without unleashing a real civil war, which will be their end. Just endless discrediting, spin, rigged elections and then business as usual.

Aged parent said...

Thanks Anon and FLOR for the comments.

Just so you all know I am well aware of the sometimes doubtful thinking of Mr Shamir. In fact I once wrote to him asking why he thought life under Stalin was not as bad as everyone thinks. Even allowing for exaggerated US propaganda Stalin was a monster, but Mr Shamir pointed out what he termed the "stability" of life under Communism in Russia, seeing perhaps only its advertized goals rather than the harsher reality. That showed me that Mr Shamir, like so many, has his blind spots. I recognize these blind spots and yet when he says something that is demonstrably true I don't mind publicizing it.

Take Glenn Greenwald. A homosexual and avowed left-winger, yet even he can sometimes point out the hard truths. I hope it goes without saying that just because I occasionally refer people to his work does not mean I endorse his politics or perversions.

I am not sure in what way Shamir is controlled opposition but I am more than open to hearing from readers who can point out more details. I see him more as an eccentric than a villain but I am willing to be persuaded otherwise if some facts can be presented.

And lastly, regarding Mr Shamir's nostalgia for Communism I would point out that here in America we live under a very definite form of totalitarianism. In America's case it is a tyranny of plutocrats who use the government, the courts, the media and everything else to punish people who disagree. The usual form of punishment is to make sure the offending person loses his livelihood and is reduced to penury. It is every bit as effective as the gulag though not as bloody. If it succeeds in oppressing the people, which it does, then it is successful in the eyes of the Oligarchs and therefore constitutes tyranny. We are ruled by some of the most evil men who have ever walked the earth so we shouldn't be so quick to condemn other tyrannies, even those deserving of condemnation. That of course does not mean I will cease calling out the rotten men who tyrannize over their peoples in other countries. I will, but I will also never stop calling out our own home grown despots.

Thank you both, again, for your comments.

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