Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pope Platitude the First speaks

“Before the problems of the church it is not useful to search for solutions in conservatism or fundamentalism, in the restoration of obsolete conduct and forms that no longer have the capacity of being significant culturally,”

Well, so much for Beethoven, Shakespeare, Dante and Palestrina, I guess.  Not to mention a few thousand Saints and martyrs.  And simple Catholics. All these people were prone to respect "form" - musical, artistic, spiritual - and to engage in Catholic conduct now considered obsolete by this strange man who occupies Peter's throne.

From a purely artistic view the above comment is the most ignorant kind of rubbish.  Michelangelo used forms that may be considered culturally insignificant by, say, Elton John.  But strangely enough the rest of the world still thinks them culturally significant...and beautiful.  But this is what happens when one wallows in the ugly Novus Ordo Mass, a Mass as devoid of culture, or any connection with a two thousand year past, as a rock concert.  The "reformed" Church of the swinging sixties has done its work on Bergoglio, and it shows.  But I would like to ask the man: what kind of conduct does he consider to be "obsolete"?  We poor unwashed need examples. Of course he is too, shall we say, "shy" to answer that one directly; he prefers innuendo accompanied by the papal stiletto in the heart.  The answer, though, is more than a little obvious.

Frankly, I am growing weary of these remarks which come from an artistic ignoramus, be he a critic from the New York Times or a Pope of the Church.  If he really believes the bilge he has been speaking and is not just throwing fish to his adoring yelping seals then he should get off the Chair and steal away silently into the night.

Historically, fanatics, like John Brown for example, typically do not go away quietly.  Their messianic missions keep them going to the bitter end.  They never give up, ever, because they are doing Noble Work.  This vision led Brown to the attack on Harper's Ferry, and that opened up an orgy of bloodshed and fratricide that destroyed America, a destruction from which the country has never recovered.  I think it fair to sometimes wonder if the current pontiff has his own Harper's Ferry Incident ready to unleash.  (His annulment Moto Proprio might be that catalyst.)

Raymond Massey's brilliant portrayal of Brown in "Santa Fe Trail"

It is a sad time for simple Catholics who only want to live their Faith and achieve Heaven. Ridiculed by the liberals and conservatives alike, attacked by a lunatic government trying to force them to commit heinous sins, abandoned by a hierarchy only too willing to accomodate the world and all its pomps and works, simple Catholics are the true "marginalized", to use Pope Francis' favorite word. 

Pope Francis and his adoring enablers and fans are beginning to look suspiciously like that cockle that grows alongside the wheat.  It does not end well for the cockle.

[with thanks to Vox Cantoris for the the papal quote]


Anonymous said...

Bergoglio before he was elected pope was not living disguised as a Trappist in a very orthodox monastery! No, as bishop of Buenos Aries his track record of discord and destruction was well known and nobody, least of all his brother bishops, tried to hide this. A significant number, probably the majority, of the College Of Cardinals must have known about the type of man they were being advised to vote for, but they voted for him anyway. We must ask ourselves, why? The logical conclusion is likely to be most cardinals actually want a wrecker in charge, because only through destruction will the Catholic Church be transformed into a compliant member and functionary of the New World Order which we see being built before our eyes.

Kathleen1031 said...

Anonymous, your point is mine as well. I have always come back to the same problem. No matter what happens with Francis, he was elected by the College of Cardinals, who certainly must have known something of who and what they were voting for. This is a very foreboding reality for the church, since it naturally represents the true inclinations of the bishops who head up our church. These men are steering us toward heresy and schism in a most determined manner. God help us.

Anonymous said...

"Pope" Francis's ascension to the Chair of Peter was orchestrated admittedly by a consortium that refers to themselves as the "Vatican Mafia" led by the likes of the infamous Cardinal Daneels, and documented in his (Daneels) recently released autobiography. Its time to start recognizing that this is prophecy come alive.

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