Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Nobility of Quentin Tarantino

Mr Tarantino giving an opinion of one of his movies
The greatness of a man can best be ascertained by the greatness of the causes he supports.

We learn from the media that the famed director of videos, Mr Quentin Tarantino, is now joining in person with black protesters, or "Black Lives Matter", who condemn police brutality.  This is interesting on several levels.  It tells us, first and foremost, that Mr Tarantino is doing Noble Things, which is something we all need to know in order to form a well-rounded opinion of the man.

While young, fatherless black males regularly murder other blacks over tennis shoes, girl friends and funerals, and while black crime against other blacks, and against whites, mexicans and asians, is exploding in America, it is comforting to know that this acclaimed maker of movies is marching alongside those who don't notice these crimes.  Nobility of motive can also be seen in the Black Lives Matter movement by their response to perceived injustice: looting, shooting and rioting, and making life in big US cities a hell on earth to the law-abiding .

Mr Tarantino is marching with these souls because he is against violence, as can readily be seen by watching his splatter/snuff epics as they ooze off the screen, an endless cascade of blood-letting that has garnered him the praises of all great movie critics and the intelligent intelligentsia.. Watching his edifying displays of heads being blown off, knives being thrust into faces and bullets ripping through bodies (as the blood miraculously spurts twenty feet off the bodies as the bullets hit!) we can be assured of this man's deep concern for brutality.

We know that the director has another concern, a concern that motivates not only him but the movies he makes, and this is perhaps the key to understanding him.  He has an overriding concern to exact revenge.  His movies are nothing but infantile revenge fantasies using the technical resources of Hollywood to help him visualize his troubled outlook.  Anyone who has had the misfortune to sit through the godawful garbage he puts on the screen will notice this trait immediately.

It is fitting then that he should march along with those who call for police to be killed and cities to be destroyed, out of revenge. It is right in tune with his own worldview.  It is his way of extracting revenge upon those normal folks out there, of all races, who line up to avoid watching his hilariously inept, abominably-directed assaults on a poor, dying cinema.

Mr Quentin Tarantino is so noble, it gives me the jitters just to think about it.


Anonymous said...

Ummmm. What or who is a Quintin Tartino?

Aged parent said...

A ludicrously over-rated fifth-rate director of unwatchable movies.

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