Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More blowback?

David Stockman writes his theory of the Paris horrors saying, convincingly, that it is another case of "blowback" by enraged Muslims who do not take kindly to unwelcome interventions in their countries.  In his long article he makes some interesting points, among them:

That is, the gates of hell have been opened by Washington’s senseless destruction of regimes in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and elsewhere that refused to do its bidding. Yet not one of these backwaters of tyranny and economic and military insignificance posed any threat whatsoever to the safety and security of American citizens in Lincoln NE or Manchester NH.

That the middle east and the Arab/Islamic world in particular is now a burned out zone of failed states and an incubator of barbaric religious and sectarian fanaticism is because Imperial Washington made it that way.

So what has metastasized from the ruins left by American intervention is not an organized military threat or a tide of state sponsored attacks on the civilian life of the West; it is random blowback of the suicidal flotsam and jetsam that have been puked from the very same jaws of hell which Washington so foolishly opened

We do not see it as something as simple as that.  There are more complexities to consider though Stockman does put his finger on an important point. Like many observers of this awful jihadist mess Mr Stockman avoids mentioning the large elephant in the room that stands there like an albatross hanging over the world, and is so influential that it can snap its fingers and make super powers jump. But careful readers who have looked into these matters know that there are "behind-the-scenes" actors who are at the very least manipulating these murderous thugs into doing their dirty work for them.

The article can be read here.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the same old scenario:
1) Have a name and the face of the "mastermind" of the violent act spread throughout the media within 24 to 48 hours. (American do love their villains.) Have his siblings interviewed and offering explanations of his behavior. Of course, they denounce him as unhinged.
2) Offer no explanation why such a dangerous character was not first on the anti-terrorist's radar when his violent proclivities were well known.
3) Have 24 hour media coverage of banks of lighted candles in the street, flower bouquets piled high and couples/women hugging/weeping on cue, with funereal music in the background.
4) Media personalities ( not journalists ) on ALL stations repeating the mantra "THEY could be anywhere!" "But we won't live in fear!"
Keep the masses disoriented.
5) How does all of this happen? Follow the money. Who makes buckets of cash from all of this? The media sells millions in commercial time for this 24 hour coverage.

And who owns and runs the media? Gee! I will give you one guess.

aly said...

Who are the you know whos. David Stockman knows.

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