Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thank you, Cardinal Sarah.....and a friendly warning

This blog would like to offer thanks to His Eminence Cardinal Sarah for his forthright defense in the Wall Street Journal on the teachings of the Church regarding homosexuality.  It was a great defense and I am grateful that a high-ranking Cardinal took up the cudgels on our behalf. Someone was certainly required to deflate that pompous ass Fr Martin (who we strongly suspect, based on his writings, is a homosexual himself) but while we thank the Cardinal we must point out one thing he wrote that, unfortunately, walked right into the buying of the Homosexual Collective Scenario.

He writes:

"In her teaching about homosexuality, the church guides her followers by distinguishing their identities from their attractions and actions. First there are the people themselves, who are always good because they are children of God. Then there are same-sex attractions, which are not sinful if not willed or acted upon but are nevertheless at odds with human nature."

The operative phrase in the article, which in its essentials accepts the the homo propaganda, is "distinguishing their identities from their attractions and actions".  He mentions a person who has an "identity".  But what is an identity?  Has His Eminence fallen for the "sexual orientation" ploy?  That a soul can be "born that way"?  I most sincerely hope not.

Any sinner can claim that he was "born that way"?  That is why to examine and think about that phrase carefully is to expose the absurdity of it.  I believe the issue is more about culpability than the notion of being born an ax murderer. Here is where a good priest will always be helpful. Yes, there are degrees of culpability: when one thinks about committing a sin, even a serious one, this does not determine his loss or gain of eternal salvation.  But one who loudly talks of committing a sin, such as sodomy, is now treading on very serious grounds.

To define the essence of all sin let us turn to our only teacher, the Church. In the ancient rite Mass we read in the Confiteor:

"I confess to almighty God, to blessed Mary ever Virgin, to blessed Michael the Archangel, to blessed John the Baptist, to the holy apostles Peter and Paul, to all the saints, and to you, Father, that I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word and deed..., etc."

It would indeed be difficult to find anything as clear-cut as that.  Thought.  Word.  Deed.  All are sins, says the Confiteor.  Priest and penitent can discuss it in the Confessional and work out the specifics of culpability.  We kid ourselves if we dismiss sinning by "thought" as a mere trifle.  We have only to see what it leads to if we are being honest with ourselves.

It is not my place to lecture a Cardinal of the Catholic Church, especially one who attempts to bring order out of chaos as Cardinal Sarah does.  But I do believe I can warn him of the traps that are set for him which can undermine the teachings of Holy Church.

Still, I am grateful for any words from on high that try to repair severe damage.


Barbara Jensen said...

Cardinal Sarah was completely right in his explanation of 'identity' being separate form one's sexual attractions. One's identity, as the good Cardinal says, is that one a human person with an immortal soul. This is the essence of one's identity. Each human person has an immortal soul that originates from and returns to the living God. This is in no way 'buying into' the homosexual agenda and jargon. The error of the active homosexual is that he or she thinks that their identity is founded in their sexual proclivities, that their attraction to their same sex is their identity. Cardinal Sarah makes the clear distinction from that by pointing out that the essence of the person is an identity separate from one's sexual preferences. Being a homosexual does not define who a person is. This is the fundamental error of the homosexual agenda.

Tom A. said...

Too bad he says the NO mass.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Barbara, for your insightful comment. To be honest, I'm not sure the Cardinal made that point as clear as you did. Hence, my reaction to his words.

Again, many thanks for your helpful response.

Dear Tom A:

Sadly, so many good men in the Church lose their backbones when it comes to Holy Mass.

Unknown said...

I'm not agree of what cardinal sara said.
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Anonymous said...

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