Monday, October 2, 2017

Syria appeals to St Michael the Archangel

If we navigate through the fog of mass media and propaganda some interesting facts begin to emerge showing us that the realities are quite different.  We are asked to believe that all Arabs (including the Catholics we suppose) are vicious terrorists, that the US and Israel are fighting ISIS, that we are always the good guys, another "great generation", whose words and actions are the equivalent of Holy Writ.

But this news item, virtually ignored in the world (and, oddly, Catholic) press sends some fascinating light on what is really happening in poor, beleaguered Syria.

They have called for the aid of Saint Michael the Archangel to protect their land, a land where Christ once walked.
September 29 is dedicated to
St. Michael the Archangel,
Warrior and Prince of the Heavenly Hosts
We invoke his protection on Syria,
on Syrian Arab Army and All Patriots,
men and women, who in one way or another,
armed with weapons or pens,
through diplomacy or through their work,
are defending the Homeland Syria
against malicious attacks by the powers of evil.

Read the whole article.

Pray for Syria, being threatened by the world at the direction of the usual suspects who want nothing but carnage, misery and the destruction of Christendom.

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