Thursday, September 14, 2017

How utterly charming

Signs of the Times:

Some addle-brained "musician" has produced an interesting video of himself lynching a white child. Aside from the innate barbarity of such an idea it must be much worse to have to watch (yeccch) or listen to (double yeccch) this "production."

As the rapper is from Florida let us hope Irma finds him.

A black rapper released a music video for a new single Tuesday in which he can be seen lynching a young white child.
The Florida rapper, XXXTentacion, put out the music video for his song, “Look at Me!,” which examines police brutality and racism in America. One part of the video shows XXXTentacion placing a white child and a black child in front of a noose. The rapper encourages the white child to place it around his neck and then proceeds to hang him.

                                                      Read the whole article here.

1 comment: said...

Soros and Co. really wants his race war. The Synagogue is right behind him.

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