Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Roger McCaffrey from Rome

The indefatigable Roger McCaffrey had some thoughts on the Synod mess which he published on his website a week and a half ago.  Always perceptive, McCaffrey zeroes in on the personalities involved, and considering that he spends no little time in the eternal city every year he is well up on the who, what, why, when and where.

From the piece:

Two serious churchmen I've talked to during this trip to Rome sure get Pope Bergoglio's point. They and many around here have led me to believe that nothing of quality is to be expected from the Synod. The other day I overheard a third, a big name prelate, over drinks at the next table in a nice place near Saint Peter's. He went right for his bottle of Beck's even before sitting down, then spoke, rather defensively, to his clerical comrades. With great conviction he boomed that "the Holy Spirit speaks through the Synod, just as the Holy Father said." 

This is an absurd claim. But, if even this world-class lightweight needs to reassure friends as to the output of this Synod, then folks, We Have A Problem.

The rest of his Letter from Rome can be read here: http://www.booksforcatholics.com/pdf/Letter-from-Rome.pdf

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