Wednesday, October 7, 2015

George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg, Destroyers of Europe

There comes a point in time when the gloves have to finally come off and things that need to be said, need to be said.  This post's title, admittedly a tad sensational nevertheless gets to the truth of the matter quickly and accurately.  These two gentleman (among many others) want to eradicate the remnants of Christianity in Europe.  And since nothing has changed since the days of Pontius Pilate these two tribesmen will get someone else to do their dirty work for them.

In the time honored classic manner of never letting a crisis go to waste these two notable fellows are using the created Middle East catastrophe - created by their co-religionists - to shoot another arrow into the heart of Europe.  Among the people fleeing to Europe due to the destruction of their countries are other people, financed and nurtured by swine like Mr Soros, who are coming on another errand, one that warms the cockles of Mr Soros' big heart.  These are Muslim fanatics.  And it doesn't take wacky, tacky harridans like Pamela Geller (another co-religionist) to make us see the dangers here.

But the point to remember here is that these imported fanatics are the same fanatics that Muslim countries like Syria and Iran are also fighting to the death, a point which needs stressing if we are to understand what is really going on over there.  These kinds of inconvenient facts are usually ignored by the Gellers of this world who really could care less about the real victims in all this, the Christians and innocent Muslims.  That is why our Israeli-occupied government and its news media rarely mention them.

The following article gives us a clue as to what may be Europe's fate if the Zuckerbergs and Soros' have their way:

From the article, a telling sentence: "This time, social engineering a la Soros and the company goes much further. There are no longer any local states where governments are overthrown and puppets are installed as in Ukraine. Now it comes to the whole Europe, in which the future social changes are installed by using the incoming waves of refugees."

First appeared:

Today, of course, is the anniversary of Lepanto, and the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary.  It is the Rosary that will defeat the Muslim fanatic stooges, and their behind-the-scenes directors.


Anonymous said...

How many people, even Catholics, have heard of Lepanto, not many I fear. Prayer is important but the Catholic naval forces assembled off the coast of Greece in 1571 were well equipped by Spain and ably lead by John Don of Austria, a young man of only 25 and said to be the 'natural' son of King Philip II. Contrast that with our present situation where most European governments are actively hostile to their own people.
John of Austria died shortly after the momentous victory and is buried in the monastery of El Escorial near Madrid. His tomb is fittingly in the style of a medieval knight.

Anonymous said...

Jews always cause confusion. That is their nature. Play both sides of the political fence. One one side there is George Soros. On the other is Rupert Murdoch. ( Yes. Murdoch has Jew blood, no matter how much it is denied.) Then there is Zuckerberg...the internet communication wizard.
What can a person say, except, that the day is coming when Almighty God will solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

It's not going to be that easy. No matter how brainwashed West Europeans are, East Europeans are not. They may have puppet leaders, but they know they are puppets. If some people are looking for a fight - they are going to get it.

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