Monday, October 19, 2015

Christians in Syria, a video

At the UN last month Vladimir Putin asked a question of those in the audience who brought about the chaos in the Middle East.  He asked, "Do you know now what you have done?"  Shortly after that the Emperor Obama stepped up to the podium with a speech that indicated clearly that he didn't care what was done because, after all, he was the head of the greatest nation upon the earth.

In the video embedded in the following article, we at The Eye-Witness want you to see what has been done - and is being done -  to the Christians, Catholic and Orthodox, of Syria.  It was made by a Russian producer (it has English subtitles) who went over there to get first-hand information and video.

As we write this the United States is sending even more armaments to the people committing these crimes.  Washington has been behind the terrorists in Syria from the beginning, along with Saudi Arabia and of course Israel.  Right now US and Israeli planes are bombing Syrian infrastructure: sewage disposal, power plants, farms and government offices.  Russia, on the other hand, is working legally with the Syrian government in eradicating the monsters creating this misery, and their weapons depots and hideouts.  We leave it to the reader to decide which country is helping to save Christians and which ones are not.

No one who claims to be sympathetic to what these people are going through should miss this video.  If understanding is what you are after then this production will help you.

As of yesterday, YouTube was blocking it.  We don't know why.

You will find the article and video here:


aly said...

I think many Catholics in the US must feel very ashamed of the seeming minimal interest in the genocide of eastern Christianity. The Zionist Christians in the US are a shame, an embarrassment and seemingly hopeless. But too many Catholic Americans are American Catholics. I have thus far read review and other commentary on this book, John Courtney Murray, Time/Life and the American Proposition: How the CIA's Doctrinal Warfare Program Changed the Catholic Church. David Wemhoff. I watch EWTN News Nightly, irregularly. In my opinion it is not only American Catholic but American NeoConned. That is a shame and an outrage.

Aged parent said...

I know what you mean by "minimal interest". If my blog statistics are anything to go by, very few readers seem interested in this terrible situation in the Middle East.

True, the Sickening Synod is gathering most of the attention of readers right now who, like me, are terrified at what might be about to hit us from a Rome that has seemingly gone insane. But, as strange as it may sound to some, these two stories are related. When Rome goes crazy, the world goes crazy; when Rome finally reasserts its God-given authority to teach then the world will in time come to its senses.

When the Church is down, Her enemies are up, and vice-versa.

aly said...

Well Aged parent you are so right. The Vatican is more responsible for all of this than all others because it and Pope Francis presently, have the responsibility of authority and love and faithfulness for and to our Lord Jesus Christ, His Church and His flock to them entrusted. What has Pope Francis been doing behind the 'Scene' in attempt to stop this genocide of Christians? He seems to spend far too much time ecumenizing with Jesus Christ's even still sworn enemies. Is he trying to convert them? Is he trying to convince them that they are doing sinfully wrong to and in Syria and even the world over? Let us pray for the speaking in holiness Romanian doctor at the Synod. In the Name of +. amen.

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