Saturday, January 14, 2017

American Gratitude

In the movie Hidden Figures Americans are being brainwashed with the Fake History that we couldn’t have made it to the moon without sassy black women doing the math. Paul Kersey has already pointed out that the flight path trajectory was actually developed by a white Southerner, Dr. Jack Crenshaw. But there’s an even more Politically Incorrect truth: we couldn’t have done it without Germans—specifically, Nazi rocket scientists. For that matter, we probably couldn’t have launched the Star Wars anti-missile program and won the Cold War. I know. I was there. And the shameful treatment America meted out to one of those scientists, Arthur Rudolph, troubles me to this day.
As older readers may recall, at the end of the war—that would be WW II for us octogenarians—our government took the role of the coyote and smuggled a few illegal aliens into the country. In “Operation Paperclip” we snatched Wernher von Braun and his team from under the nose of the advancing Soviets and transported them in darkest secrecy to the desert of White Sands Proving Grounds, near El Paso. There they resumed work where they had left off in Germany. (Attn. Editor Peter Brimelow: Is it possible that not all illegal immigration is bad?)
14 April 55 In an unprecedented ceremony held at Huntsville High School, 103 German-born scientists, technicians, and members of their families became American citizens. Among those taking the oath of citizenship was Dr. Wernher von Braun. Von Braun’s team continued their rocket experiments by re-assembling and firing Hitler’s leftover V-2 rockets that we had confiscated when we invaded Germany. Eventually—now get this—on an appointed day these foreigners were smuggled from Texas into Mexico, from whence they merrily sashayed across the Rio Grande bridge and legally immigrated into the U.S.A.! Eventually, they became American citizens.(Right, a 1955 citizenship ceremony in Huntsville High School, in which 103 German nationals swore the Oath of Allegiance.)
In 1955, the team was moved to Huntsville, AL, and to its sprawling Redstone Arsenal. When President Kennedy announced the goal of sending a man to the moon, the team transferred to the newly-formed NASA, where they became famous in the eyes of the world during the glorious days of the dawning Space Age. Von Braun was chosen to head the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center. Then came Explorer, Gemini, Apollo, and on to the moon!
I had two personal connections to these men. The first relates to a dark spot amidst the brilliance of the Space Race.
One of von Braun’s top lieutenants, Arthur Rudolph (right) developed the Saturn V, the world’s greatest booster rocket and the one used in the Apollo mission. However, once America no longer needed Rudolph, the Office of Special Investigations accused him of war crimes.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Aged Parent:

Facets of the space program are interesting enough, that is true. But I do not think we can fix things in the world, until we face facts. We made low earth orbit. We never made the moon. The facts are piled up, waiting for the people to recognize them:

No original film of the apollo program still exists.
No designs or blue prints exist.
Virtually no records available.
Moon rocks lost or actually found to be petrified wood.
Van Allen Belt.
Hideous temperature deviation.
No stars.
Photo anomalies.
And lots more....

You can delete this post and call me a whack-job. It has happened before, even though this is not a hobby of mine. But, to face reality, we really should come to grips with this. Not getting to the moon is really no big deal. But if they can fool us with something this big, then how can we trust anything they say.

I'd also like to remind everyone that NASA now states it is not 'possible' to return to the moon. With our technological advances, I guess we just don't have the go-get `em attitude, or something.

Please read this - it makes the problems obvious:

If the link does not work, you can find the articles by googling the name and title.


Aged parent said...

Thank you, Alan. It's a fascinating thesis.


Anonymous said...

Moon Landing: real
Holocaust: not so much

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:

It is science vs. history. The science shows that the moon landing was and is impossible. Not too many scientific tests to discount the holocaust.

You've read about the holocaust, obviously. Go ahead and read about the moon landing. Start with the article I offered. If that does not pique your interest, then ok.

But, as far as the holocaust goes, I agree that there are huge questions that remain unanswered. And much accepted fact(oids) that have quietly been conceded as having been false. I suppose if the information about the moon landing hoax started to spread, they'd have to make denial of that a crime as well.

Do you suppose that our willingness to accept "The Big Lie(s)" (and to shout down or jail those who question them) leads to more whoppers, false flags, fake news, and state sponsored terrorism? Or even to gender confusion trends? Political Correctness? Other current problems?

I do.


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