Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Swamp Water

That Great Swamp Drainer, Donald Trump, seems to be refilling the swamp with great vigor.  I guess all that campaign bluster about cleaning the Washington sewer was just so much, well, sewage.

Look who's back again: the point man for the Rockefeller interests, Henry Kissinger, now a foreign policy guru in the Trump Administration, as he was in other disastrous administrations like Nixon's, Ford's, Clinton's, etc.

Henry Kissinger, right

And Goldman Sachs is once again very well represented by a slew of their "former" employees in important governmental positions, as they have been since Lyndon Johnson's day and every Administration since.  The globalists will have nothing to worry about with this crew in place.

The queers are well represented once again, too, starting with that great protector of pedophiles, Rex Tillerson, a man who not only used his power and influence to push sodomy on the hapless Boy Scouts and within his own company, Exxon, but is in fact a bonus in the new Administration because he is a member of the great Oil Interests and multinationals whose only loyalty is to their bank accounts.  And then there is of course the revolting Peter Thiel.

Trump and Peter Thiel holding hands.  Isn't that just precious?
So no small businesses who refuse to condone this unnatural vice will be left unmolested under a Trump presidency.

Mr Trump, the great denouncer of unnecessary wars in the Middle East, has positioned himself fully on the side of the nation that is the greatest promoter of Middle East turmoil, so we can be sure that Syria is not going to see peace any time soon nor will Iran - another country that does not bother its Christian population and in fact helps its Christians - be taken off the bombing list.  So, yes, there will be more wars and more dead bodies.

Christians grasping at any straw they can are giddy that Mr Trump will support good Supreme Court judges, as he said in the campaign.  Since we have just illustrated above that his campaign promises really don't amount to much it would seem a good idea not to get too excited about the possibility of a genuinely good court nominee.  And even if Trump presents such a nominee to the Senate, a group like their colleagues in the House a wholly-owned subsidiary of a foreign power, will have to approve him.  Have we all forgotten so soon the Robert Bork debacle?

Look how Trump's appointments had to bow and scrape before Big Buggery at their confirmation hearings.  And he will get sensible men into the judiciary?

Many who fear a new world war were ever ready to forget about The Donald's weak positions on everything else, hopeful in the knowledge that he really wanted to avoid war by seeking normal relations with Russia.  Lo and behold, even that seems a bit doubtful now.  The new president has reportedly agreed with the ludicrous hysteria concerning Russia and the election.  So we can chalk up another win for the Oligarchy.

Yes, Trump is hated by what some call "the Deep State", the state-within-the-state that really runs the show: the fabled military-industrial complex, the rogue intelligence services and their assassins, etc. They still are not sure what he is going to do.  The corporate media despises him as well.  These hatreds are about the only positives we can see in the new Administration.  But we remain skeptical that any of these hatreds will remain permanent if his appointments are anything to judge by.

Many voted for this man out of fear and loathing, well justified, of his opponent.  Due to that fear too many are cutting the new leader too much slack.  Wishful thinking has replaced prudence.  There is nothing wrong with the virtue of hope but that virtue must be tempered by realism.

To sum up, the homosexual juggernaut will continue, there will be no fewer murders of unborn children, the Money Power will still be well-entrenched and the American Empire will continue its inevitable trajectory toward chaos.  There may be small, insignificant victories for sanity along the way, but this Titanic on the Atlantic will not escape the iceberg.  It is far too late to turn the ship around.  America personifies Diabolical Disorientation.

Pessimism?  Yes.  But it is based on what is before one's own eyes.

13 comments: said...

Aged Parent, I wonder if all those voices of traditional Catholicism, who warned that non-participation in the sham elections was to commit mortal sin, will acknowledge their fundamental failure to apprehend the nature of the modern republic, and that as you have said, "the result observed is the result intended." The modern republic is the conveyor belt to hell on earth, and voting itself is an affront to Christ the King.

Wolverine said...

Excellent assessment! Hopefully not, but at this point it's not looking too good.

Ran across an interesting interview on Tim Kelly's podcast with Robert Steele (links below). Worthy of a listen.

Anonymous said...

Why the surprise? Lest I be accused of schadenfreude, the cynics or realists in our ranks predicted months ago such an outcome. However, Americans should not feel they are overly gullible, that prize, actually a gold medal, goes to a French Catholic blog which compared Rex Tillerson to Cincinnatus of ancient Republican Rome. That is the level of wishful thinking we have to content with. But don't worry, the future actions of El Presidente Trump will give ample cause for awakening us all from our self deceptions.

C.J. said...

Come on, people. Give the guy a break. You sound like MSN commentators who are looking for any excuse at all to bitch and whine because the got their asses waxed by in the November election.

I guess nobody here ever took over a position of power in a Company failing from corruption and nepotism. I have. Yeah, I was a bit surprised when I heard Kissinger's name. But I'm not going to jmp on the nearest stump and call for his lynching. I am taking a wait and see stance and so should you, AG. Trump is no fool and he is NOT a tool for the NWO. Anybody with an honest eye can see and hear that. I can attest that a savvy new boss will tango briefly with some of the swamp creatures for many dampen drumbeats of mutiny, to subdue hostile forces who work in the background, to gain access to sealed vaults of historic information, to confuse those who like little gremlins work tirelessly to see you fail, etc., etc. Instead of sticking beans up our noses and giving public fodder to our enemies, why not give the man a chance? If he does do something to disappoint and infuriate his voters then go for the jugular, but at least wait until he actually DOES something to p*ss you off.

Everyone else I talk to is offering many rosaries for President Trump. Can't you do the same?

And yes, Ben...not voting in an election when your vote can help defeat evil IS a mortal sin. How can self-proclaimed Catholics be so damned naive... or stupid?

You don't have to see me to the door. Ill let myself out.

Anonymous said...

I see all that I need to about where this administration is headed.
Since his most trusted advisor is the jew son-in-law, I see that the poo-poo is still littering the barn floor.

Kathleen1031 said...

I'm with CJ. Holy Cow the guy isn't even IN yet! It is beyond comprehension how anyone could criticize voting for Donald Trump when we had HER staring us in the eye! It would have been insane, if not a sin, just to show up and vote against her. Bad enough Catholics put Obama in the White House, I mean, HALF of Catholics voted for this evil person, the pro-sodomy, marriage redefining, Second Amendment hating, and abortion loving, Marxist.
Donald Trump has thus far made a lot of conservative appointments, and much of what he has said belies a fairly middle of the road or conservative bent.
Give the man a chance. Give him a chance if not for the fact that the Democrats hate him, loathe him, are doing everything they can to disrupt his inauguration and presidency. None of this is good for the Republic, and while there are a lot of people on that bandwagon, the one that hates Trump, should we really go there at this early date when the man has not even put his hand on that Bible to swear he will protect and defend this Republic against all enemies foreign and domestic??
Is there a rush to get to the blogs to rub anyone's face in the fact they had some stinking hope and dared to feel relief and exhilaration that SHE was not elected?? Given the state of the world, the church, the culture, and the political suffering many of us have experienced these last eight, horrific years, I would say, give us a break, will you please?? Wait at least until his first weekend before you begin trashing him and telling us how stupid we were to vote for him and dare to hope.

Kathleen1031 said...

oops..."just to NOT show up and vote against her". This is what happens when I'm annoyed when I type!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thank you, Aged Parent, for your spot on commentary. The influence of Americanism is so strong that it pervades, it seems, the very air we breathe. There have been too many 4 year cycles of hearing "this is the most important election in our lifetime" nonsense and too many times being called names because I refuse to keep trying to kick the football ala Charlie Brown and Lucy from Peanuts. I will take a wait and see with Trump (what else is there to do?) but it seems that we can't even criticize Trump's cabinet selections without being criticized ourselves. Ya know, it sorta reminds me of what Clintonites and Obamaites do when ever there actions were critiqued.

Of course, rosaries and prayers for Donald Trump that goes without saying and I am sure many people will fulfill their responsibilities in that area, but lets not get foolish about him. Truthfully, what was your opinion of him two years ago before he became the "Great American Hope"? All that has been said here is just pointing out what he said he would do and the type of people that he has appointed to positions within his administration. Sure, the other side hates him, but gangsters have turf battles and hate each other but it doesn't make one side good.

Aged parent said...

Hello CJ:

Thanks for the comment and, yes, I do appreciate opposing views. Opposing views are helpful, in my opinion, for everyone.

I don't disagree with your expressions of hope for the man, nor do I disagree with your admirable suggestion that rosaries for him are important. Anything can happen. Men can change. We have a Church full of Saints who began life as out-and-out bounders and then became people like Augustine. So I recognize that anything is possible with God. Yes, we have to wait and see, an attitude I myself have preached here in other articles.

I would only take issue with you on one point. You indicated that people are criticizing him even before he has done something. Well, the point of my article was that he has done something: he has been appointing some of the worst offenders against Christian order and even decency to his administration. He has placed there homosexuals whose goal is not to tolerate those who despise sodomy but to persecute them. And he has given jobs to insane war mongers like John Bolton (God help us) which totally contradicts his campaign sloganeering. So yes, he has done something, and that is what I wrote about.

I, too, have heard the theory that some of his picks are mere bones thrown to his enemies to assuage their fears about his upsetting their profitable apple carts. That is possible but not terribly convincing. We'll have to wait and see.

Certainly he has some of the same enemies you and I have and I suspect they will show their hand on inauguration day and thereafter. It will be ugly. I have just seen a report that certain unnamed financiers (we can imagine who) are offering to pay $2500 per month to make like hell for Trump. We also know that one of his advisors, Roger Stone, has just miraculously escaped what certainly appears to be an assassination attempt. They are sending Trump clear messages. What will he do? I don't know. But I do wonder why they hate him considering some of the creeps he has appointed. Supposedly the buggerists hate him. For Heaven's sake, why? Has he not pandered enough for them?

Many here most likely disagree with me about the future of America. I see the future here as a grim one. I base that on the fact that this country from day one was founded upon Masonic principles. Even folks in the 18th century who lived here were warning that the Constitution was a document so flawed that it would one day lead to tyranny. Well, we have arrived at that spades. Try refusing to bake a wedding cake for a couple of sex deviates; that should illustrate the point quite well.

Anyway, CJ, I do appreciate your comments and hope you will continue to make them and feel the need to take me to the wood shed!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I have come to the same conclusion. One cannot blame Catholics for voting for Trump, as he assured us that he was against abortion and he "seemed" to be a candidate that wanted to avoid a war with Russia. The one thing we can say about Hillary is at least she was honest about her evil. And finally on a positive note, it serves as a reminder to put our Trust in God and not men.

Anonymous said...

Actually Hillary was not honest evil either. Talking to the progressive BLM crowd and then saying to Big Finance that it was all an act. I voted for Trump and have some hope that he will do right. He has kids that he loves after all. Still he is no savior.


Iehova Deus said...

"Mr Trump, the great denouncer of unnecessary wars in the Middle East, has positioned himself fully on the side of the nation that is the greatest promoter of Middle East turmoil."

This is extremely disappointing. The United States supports and furthers much unrighteousness by supporting Israel. Surely God's patience has run out, 50 years after 1967. God will be forced to remedy the situation in Palestine without the help of the United States, if Donald Trump will not stand up to Israel. God's plan, whatever its specifics, will necessarily be unpleasant. I venture to say that it would be better for Israel to withdraw to the Green Line.

Note that Israel is over one-third atheist, according to all polls, surveys, and censuses. Note also that the most righteous, observant Jews, the Haredim, number only about 10% of Israel's population. Then there is the enormous homosexual population, staging gay pride parades in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, which makes the Holy Land very UN-holy. Then we also have the oppression and slaughter of Palestinians, who account for most Catholics in the Holy Land. Israel persecutes and murders Catholics!

Is God supposed to have mercy on such a nation?

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