Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Unhelpful Pope

With a new US Administration coming into office the Pope has decided to comment, warning people against "populism", the kind of populism that brought Hitler to power.  But he's not passing any judgments he says.  So he obliquely compares Trump to Hitler but quickly adds that he is not making any judgements.  I see.  Our wily little Jesuit with an unseemly taste for power is showering us once again with his wisdom.

Pope Bergoglio has said some stupid things in the past three years but this might just take the cake. Look at it this way: a Pope with more than a little in common with Lenin is telling us to be wary of any new Hitlers on the horizon.  Aside from the sheer recklessness of these idiotic remarks is the nostril-filling stink of hypocrisy, coming from a man who is, let us be honest, a power mad autocrat.

Thomas Di Lorenzo comments:

Drudge reports that the pope was interviewed by a Spanish newspaper on inauguration day and said essentially the exact same thing, reminding the interviewer that Hitler was elected, and then “ruined his people,” making a direct comparison to President Trump.  The Castro-loving statist used this as a platform to denounce American and European “populism” and democracy.  He then very gratuitously and sanctimoniously conceded that it would be appropriate to wait and “see what he [President Trump] does” before concluding that he is, in fact, the reincarnation of Hitler.


This is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.  Here is a Pope who is riding roughshod over twenty centuries of tradition, indeed the very words of Christ, in his lunatic desire to form a Church to his liking and he has the utter gall to criticize someone else of being a dictator.  Clearly a man with no sense of irony.  Note to Francis: your iron fist is showing.

Whatever one thinks of Mr Trump this unwelcome bit of childish grandstanding by the Pope is not only embarrassing to himself but is making the Catholic Church more of a laughingstock than it already is.  The days of seriousness and dignity, last seen in the pontificate of Pius XII, have long been buried by the disasters that have been every papacy since.  And now that serious and dignity has been well and truly buried it is up to the pudgy gravedigger from Argentina to put the headstone on the grave.

Frankly, I've had my fill of this bad situation comedy coming from Rome.  And its ratings have been dropping of late anyway.  One hopes that God will cancel this series before the Universal Church is totally demolished.


Anonymous said...

The pope's comments jogged a vague memory so I checked up on it this AM. Hitler was appointed Chancellor by Von Hindenberg. He was not elected. The Nazis used the Reichsttag fire as an excuse to clamp down and get even more power. A lot of people were fooled by Hitler in the beginning.


Mark Matis said...

So what you're saying, Anonymous at 11:23 AM, is that the dear "Pope" is merely spreading more of the "fake news" that continually spews from the MSM, for after all that is the stock-in-trade of Communist One World Government acolytes around the globe...

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