Saturday, May 19, 2012


An editorial in the archdiocesan newspaper in Washington, D.C. claims disappointment in Georgetown for inviting the ridiculous apostate Catholic Kathleen Sibelius to give its commencement address.  And since the paper is the mouthpiece of His Eminence Donald Wuerl we leap to the conclusion - though he didn't put his actual name to the editorial - that he is "disappointed".

Really, Your Eminence?  Disappointed?  Is that all?

Who will be willing to wager that the Cardinal will cease giving sacrilegious Communions to people like Sebelius, Biden, Pelosi, etc.?  Or apologize to a good priest whose name and reputation he defiled simply because this good priest tried to prevent a sacrilege at the Communion rail?

No one?

With acknowledgements to Catholic Culture.

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