Thursday, May 3, 2012


Still in a state of utter shock over the fact that any company - any company - would even consider using cells from dead, aborted children as "taste enhancers" in their products, news arrives that the boycott of Pepsi over this ghoulish practice has apparently been a success and that they are backing off their original plans to introduce such "enhancers" into their food and drink products.

While it is both interesting and welcome to read the above report from LifeSiteNews, prudence demands that we keep an eye on this company from henceforth.  Writing them a thank you letter would seem appropriate, as long as a tactful reminder is included in it which makes them understand that cannibalism is not an accepted practice among civilized human beings.  Rejoicing should be kept at a minimum, in this writer's view, and realism should be the order of the day.

In any event it would seem to be a victory in at least one battle.  Perhaps it might embolden some Church leaders into looking at this story and to make whatever public comments are appropriate.  Here is where the Church can profitably emulate the forces of evil, who throw a constant, unremitting barrage of attacks on multiple fronts, so as to keep their enemies always on the defensive.

For example, while speaking about the evils of the contraception mandate, a good Bishop can hit them with another broadside, this one about cannibalism.  Then they can follow that up - again in the same speech - with some other issue, described with specifics as opposed to pious generalities.  In other words, they should keep punching, and punching, and punching, until their opponents begin reeling from the barrage.   This is what the evil forces are so effectively doing against the Church.  Now it is time to turn the tables on them.

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