Friday, September 21, 2012


This story will not be memorialized on PBS once a week for umpteen years, nor will Hollywood make a gut-wrenching movie out of it, nor will governments around the world incarcerate you for denying any details of it, nor will those paladins of righteousness, Robert Spencer, David Horowitz and Pamela Geller pound their smoking keyboards in an attempt to alert the world to this, but we here think this is worth mentioning.

With thanks to the Washington Report:

This sort of thing continues apace, underneath the radar screen, as the few remaining Christians in their own homeland are being ethnically cleansed by their occupiers, or made victims of fanaticism stirred up by those same Occupiers of the Holy Land and their minions in Washington.

My fellow Catholics, will you not say one Hail Mary for your suffering co-religionists in Palestine?  Or for the innocent Orthodox, Copt, even Muslim?

Every story, after all, does have two sides.

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