Wednesday, September 26, 2012


From an interesting post on the 24 Sept 2012 online edition of RT Today, documenting how the USAID will work to bypass the Russian order for them to pack up and get out of the country by October 1st this year.  Russia seems to be acting wisely about this American-made trojan horse in their midst.  The US mandarins are aghast, of course, that someone should be displeased with their meddling in the affairs of other nations using the increasingly preposterous claim that they're "bringing democracy" to them.  (They would be better occupied bringing democracy to America, since at the moment its affairs are being conducted by a fascist Oligarchy).  

Among the many comments of the readers one stood out prominently.  It gives us an astounding yet brief look into an area of financial manipulation that we dullards could never even conceive of happening.  Here it is:

Special Bank Accounts (unregistered) September 25, 2012, 10:48 quote
Ms Veronika Krasheninnikova and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs should also inspect American and British banks such as Citibanks and JP Morgan, HSBC, Standard Chartered etc..  They have "special accounts" for their clients on off-shore tax havens or otherwise, which are not transparent and are off the Annual Accounts.  This is how they launder money or international transfers and made billions in the process.


Admittedly, that shocked even this weary writer.  Here's the whole RT article:

How truly little we know of what is going on among the elites.

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