Monday, September 17, 2012


Our chief War Criminal, who resides on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, has started to tighten his grip.  After bombing innocent men, women and children to death, cheering on the ghouls of abortion, cozying up to pedophiles and poofs and forcing their perversions down our throats, incarcerating innocent people without charge, without trial, without nothing, decimating our economy by bailing out the oligarchs with taxpayer funds (aka, stealing) has now decided to begin his cute little reign of Terror by applying his famous mandate to one notable business - just to make an example of them:

Yes, he is a tool; yes, he is a flunkey to the money interests.  But he is a deadly serious man.  After all, every week he meets with a few cronies in the White House and like Nero giving the "thumbs down" signal, decides who will be murdered by drones in some far away country...that is, far away at the moment.  Like the psychopath of Hitchcock's PSYCHO, this psychopath isn't troubled by appeals to reason.

Behold the face of a conscienceless man:

But fear not.  He is about to meet his match - not in November with the hapless opponent of the Stupid Party, but on October 18th, in New York City.

Behold the face of his deadly serious opponent who will confront him on that day:

For those of my patient readers who may be growing weary of this sort of ironic joke which has appeared on this blog several times I ask forgiveness if it is becoming a bore.  I agree with you.  But one can never point out too often the utter folly of these mediocrities in episcopal robes who, Americanist first and Catholic second, will gladly give cover to our persecutors and probably give them more votes in November!   They frankly sicken me and whether their actions are the result of self-delusion, stupidity, toadying or treason I care not.  Whatever the reason I am sickened by the spectacle of Cardinal Dolan shaking hands and making merry with such people. 

The Cardinal Archbishop of New York needs to be reminded that he is not the Cardinal Archcomedian of New York.

And perhaps, just perhaps, our Holy Father, will begin to realize that it is in the best interests of the Church and the world to stop appointing such nonentities as Dolan, Wuerl, Schonborn et al to high office.

As the late, great Hamish Fraser would say however, "Keep praying and punching!"

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