Monday, October 28, 2013


The Barilla Pasta story gets more depressing by the minute.  As many know the Juggernaut of the Perverted went into full attack mode when the president of that company made some perfectly natural comments about his products and about families.

At first it seemed that he was going to stand firm, but now, it seems, he may be backing down .

You might want to write to the company here:

It is pitiful to watch these businessmen cower in fear over this tiny minority and make themselves jump through hoops to appease them.  Of course the major media controlled, as we know, by essentially six people will make sure the propaganda tap is turned on strong and will make certain that all media acts in perfect unison with one another.  This is the most sickening aspect of the homo mafia, to bludgeon and bully to death anyone who doesn't bow down before them.

Organized Faggotry has learned well the lesson taught by race hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and that obnoxious crew and have been applying it to any and all.

Their Pride will goeth before their Fall but in the meantime we are going to see an explosion of perversion the likes of which we cannot now even begin to imagine.  Spiritually prepare for it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Barilla backpeddler.. this is how a business owner continues after attacks by the vile and ugly of the world:

Hobby Lobby never backed down. They were likely encouraged by the tsunami of supporters who rallied around them against the loud mouthed minority and their tools.

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget Chick-fil-A Filet. Still going strong and still supporting families, not fairytales.

Never back down from the truth!

aly said...

And Mr. Barilla looks like a Saint
in a movie.

Saint Revolution said...

There is NO such state as homophobic and no such thing as homophobia.

It's all bullshit invented by HETEROPHOBIC homo's.

Homo's say homophobia.

I say heterophobia.

Either way, the twinkle-toers are going to hell-o-phobia if they don't clean up their act-o-phobia.

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