Wednesday, October 9, 2013


In taking an account of the various web sites, news sources and blogs we find little to no coverage of a story the implications of which are so devastating, and so astounding, that unless some courage and backbone is shown will bring down upon us the anger of God such as we have never seen before.  That is not hyperbole; that is a warning. The story is this: a Catholic hospital in Ireland - yes, Ireland - will comply with a new law enacted by a despotic government and will murder unborn in children.

We need to let that sink in for a few minutes.

Thus far, no word has come from hierarchy or laity indicating open and brave defiance of such a law.  Some months ago this writer concluded with regret that the issue of abortion is becoming boring to Catholics and worse, acceptable.  The Irish, once the valiant fighters for the Faith who suffered unbelievable persecutions, are apparently going to sit silently by on this, at least as of this writing.  That is no doubt one of the vaunted "fruits of Vatican 2" we have been experiencing for a generation or two, which takes the form of the emasculation of the laity.  Are we merely sniping at that tragic Council again?  Or are we pointing out that that Council, which was preceded by a general weakening of the Faith in the decades after World War I, opened the floodgates to this onslaught against sanity and morality?  Yes we are saying that, while admitting that the Council was merely the opening of a wound that the Church had suffered several generations earlier.  We sometimes forget that all of the prime movers and shakers at the Council were appointed by the pre-Conciliar Popes; they didn't just suddenly spring forth from the loins of Zeus in 1962.

Our Catholic friends in Ireland need to be awakened now, both laity and hierarchy.  They need to be reminded that the silence from the pulpits on such matters is what brought them to this sorry state of affairs.  Once Ireland had great Bishops who warned, as recently as the 1970s, that allowing abortion into Ireland would bring a curse upon their country.  And they did indeed use that word, "curse".  They are now cursed beyond anything that could have been imagined forty years ago and that curse will continue to grow until days come when the devastations of Oliver Cromwell will seem as nothing in comparison.

A government of sheer, unmistakable evil has done this to the Irish who, so far, are not fighting like they once would have.  The world will watch their reaction and will act accordingly.  Cringing Cardinals here in America will watch, too, and if they see their brethren rolling over and playing dead in the face of a government every bit as foul as the totalitarian regimes of the last century they will shrug their shoulders and go along.  We have heard some of our Cardinals cry out against Obamacare, while at the same time making merry with the man who brought this upon us (he and, of course, the clowns in Congress of both political parties).  They talk of "fortnights of freedom" instead of the moral question involved.  Their running away from teaching Catholic faith and morals for many, many decades has now come back to haunt them with a vengeance.

In addition to praying for the land of Saints and Scholars let us get in contact with any friends or relatives we might have there and talk to them about the situation, offering them encouragement and any help that is possible.

What has come to pass in Dublin is a nightmare come true.  A Catholic hospital is now an active participant in the crime of the century.


Hermit Crab said...

Well said.

Obsessed Pro-Lifer said...

"The ocean shall inundate Ireland seven years before the End so that the devil may not rule over that people." (St. Patrick)

"Seven years before the Last Day the sea shall submerge Ireland in one inundation." (St. Columbkille)

"The sea will come over Ireland seven years before the day of judgment." (St. Nennius)

"The sea shall overwhelm Ireland seven years before the judgment." (Leabhar Breac)

Aged parent said...

Many thanks, Hermit Crab.

And thank you Obsessed Pro-Lifer for those quotes. (I love your moniker).

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