Wednesday, October 16, 2013


They hanged Nazi war criminals.  One day, when the world recovers its sanity, they will hang the people who are behind this:

Perhaps we should begin to "obsess" over this horrific development.  That there are men and women out there who would not only permit but encourage such monstrosities as this is, I would say, proof positive that there are dire consequences awaiting us down a very short road.

When Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein it is doubtful that she could have imagined that men could stoop so low as to commit such crimes.  Worse, she would have been astounded that these are crimes that are now celebrated as achievements, and there are even big business interests ready to get involved in what purports to be a designer baby industry.  In her classic story the world condemned Henry Frankenstein.  In our world he would be treated quite differently.

One wishes there would be a Church out there that would thunder about such unspeakable evils, a Church that would condemn such supreme insults to God our Creator, and worry less about other problems that pale into insignificance when compared to this, a Church that would tell the world plainly that it has gone mad and is bringing down upon it God's terrible judgment.

There was once a Church that would do that.

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