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Recently we posted on The Eye Witness the open letter to the Pope by authoress Silvana de Mari.  To say that we were unprepared  for the visceral response is something of an understatement.  The open letter had been known since at least late August and was in the news, though apparently it went largely unnoticed at the time.  We  published it after being told of its existence by a good friend.  Since our posting of her heartfelt, yearning letter, written with great respect towards the person of Pope Francis, the comments received from those who were upset by it startled even this writer, who is used to seeing anger in the comments sections of blogs.  (I wonder how the present Pope would view these comments by people who are obviously strong supporters of his.)

One or two comments had to be deleted due to the obscenities therein.  Miss de Mari's thoughts were not discussed by such people; they were attacked.  Our blog offers the opportunity for anyone to discuss any and all posts here and we always welcome a lively discussion.  Indeed, some who responded with their disagreements did so with courtesy and kindliness, and with careful thought.  But crude attacks offering no sensible counter-arguments but instead four-letter words were coming in faster than we could edit them.

De Salvani's open letter appeared before the two now-famous interviews of the Pope.  All this is merely a prelude to what is becoming more obvious as each day goes by: the more troublesome the Pope's remarks, the more daft become the defenses of them, and the more revealing of the thoughts of those who revel in the ambiguity of his statements.  If the Pope has done nothing else by his recent statements he has smoked out the Modernists who have always been lurking around in the Church, either openly or, as they say, under the radar.  For this we must be grateful to him.

It is unnecessary to say that a canonized Pope, one Pope Saint Pius X, (one who was canonized, by the way, with the old rigor and all the safeguards in place which were, most interestingly, thrown out recently by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI), called Modernism "the synthesis of all heresies."  These are words that the current crop of sycophants and papolaters might wish to ponder carefully.

Some have taken umbrage with those who accuse the Holy Father of being a Modernist.  There is an old, time-honored adage that answers this very simply:  "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck."

Many blogs have been writing in horror of each and every papal statement that deviates from authentic Church teaching.  Many have written well, with extreme patience and respect for the person of the Pope while not flinching from saying what has to be said.  This writer, too, has written a few such items about the man.

While not understanding why our Father in heaven is allowing this to happen I accept the fact that for whatever reason an apparently genuine Modernist is currently at the helm.  I say "apparently" because far more knowledgeable people than myself - particularly those in Europe - believe him to be so.  God knows why; I don't.  Let me amend that: I don't know precisely why God is allowing this but I suspect very strongly that we are being punished with great severity, and when I look back upon my own life I can well understand why this would be so.  Be that as it may  this writer leaves it to better people to catalogue the various papal missteps.

In any case it is extremely trying to attempt to read the words of Francis, since many of his statements are mere sentimental musings that carry very little weight.

Nor do I have the time or the interest to read the writings of the Modernist Lite crowd who labor to defend anything and everything emanating from Rome.  Serious people don't waste precious time reading them when there is so much other thoughtful commentary from solid Catholic minds available.  (I am told by those in the know that these benighted souls are out to "get" anyone who fails to toe their idea of what the current papal line is.  I can think of nothing less interesting to worry about than that.  If some of the reactions I read after I posted Silvana de Mari's letter are anything to go by, which show people using their emotions instead of their heads, their knives are not the only things that aren't very sharp.)

But if and when the Pope shows that he will speak and act like most of his predecessors this writer will be pleased to point this out "from the housetops".  When he does what is noble and good, like the September 7th day of prayer and fasting for Syria, he will find support in these pages.  But at no time will we here sit idle while the Faith is belittled, no matter who does it, high or low  When a Churchman makes a mockery of the Faith, like Cardinals Abbot and Costello for example, we will do our best to expose their treason and stupidity even while honoring the cloth that they wear.

This writer is not one of those who believes that the Holy Ghost comes down upon the Cardinals in Conclave and personally selects the next Pope.  We have too many examples from history showing us the intrigues that have guided several notable papal elections.  But it is clearly obvious that God allows His children to make their own mistakes.  Right now we are living through a period of weak papacies, a period that did not begin in 1958, if I may point out.  There were too many pre-Conciliar Popes who clearly neglected their duties and who all contributed to the mess the Church presently finds itself in.  Pius XI could make some brilliant, Apostolic statements, and then go ahead and commit some truly ill-advised acts which were disastrous for the Church, and the same can be said of numerous Popes throughout history including, I hasten to add, most of the 20th century Popes.  But that is the power of God clearly at play.  He can allow these weaklings to become Popes yet still upholds His Church throughout it all.

Even St Pius X, great as he was, did admittedly make a few important blunders (thankfully, only a very few). And he did try to root out the Modernists but, alas, such a project was probably doomed.  They are still very much with us, emboldened by the papacies which followed his, and have now been taking their knives from their sheaths and beginning anew their murder rampage.  The Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate are only the most recent victims of their sharpened blades.

As I said, the cut-rate Modernists I am not in the slightest worried about.  They will write their boot-licking blog posts for the delectation of their acolytes and groupies but no one else.  Again, serious Catholics don't worry about those I have called the Modernist Lite faction.  The real, deadly Modernists that we should be worrying about, and exposing, and fighting, and praying for are the ones who occupy positions of power and influence in the Catholic Church.  The crushing damage to the Faith is their work and it is that damage that must be undone.

And it has to be undone soon.  Because, if we are to try to bring people into the only Church that will save them these prospective converts have to see a Church that is healed.  No, I am not saying that we have to wait for the Church to become whole again before we try to bring our families and our friends to the Faith. But let's be honest: our job at convincing them becomes harder every day with each note of awful music they hear in the pew, every architecturally hideous Church building they see, every scandalous word and deed that they read about, every arrogant buffoon in a Roman collar they come into contact with.  Bringing lost souls to the Faith is our job, the job of every Catholic, despite the decided lack of support of the ecumaniacs around us.

So let the Modernists relish their moment of triumph.  Let them enjoy watching their enemies twist in the wind after they have done their knife work on them.  Their pride will sustain them, until such time as that fall which must inevitably come after.

And when that happens the Catholics will pick up the pieces, in God's good time.


Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

Hear, hear! "The enemies of the Church, who think that their time has come, will see that their joy was premature, and that they may close the grave they have dug". -- (Pope Pius XI, Mit Brennender Sorge, 19 [1937]).
I've been doing an ongoing analysis of the Francis enigma, if you're interested.

Aged parent said...

Many thanks for the link to your blog, which I found fascinating.

aly said...

Dear Aged parent, I admit I have been dejected. Modernism, Warmongering, Judaizing, everywhere. Though the Pope helped save the world for at least a little while in his leading the Holy Prayer Vigil for Peace, I said
though, So dear in fact I mean...
Then this interview and that one.
The Pope said this then the Pope said that, then the Pope announced... Yes I've been dejected. I have been somewhat the apologist and it's not been easy.
I have been defending the Church to
Syrians and Syrian sympathizers and yes to Muslims who think that the Catholic Church is Zionist and
therefore anti-Muslim and anti-Middle East. I tell them that the Church has fallen to Modernism and
subject to Jewish sensitivities and in fact demands as the western world has and not always by choice but unfortunately by necessity. And I tell them that
many Catholics have not. I'm doing my best and I believe it is right.
And yes I have to defend as honestly as I can against homosexuals being a faction like Modernists and Jews who have intentionally tried to diminish and even bring ruin to the Catholic Church. Alas.

Aged parent said...


Your comment touched a chord in me which has me admitting that I am a victim of an illness known as "Francis fatigue". Like you I am growing weary of having to witness outrage upon outrage while sitting helplessly by. Yes, our family prays for the Pope after the rosary but that doesn't prevent us from being dejected by all that has been happening of late.

About the only thing I can find thus far to cheer this Pope about was the magnificent September 7th day of fasting and prayer which I for one am convinced played the most important part in thwarting the plans of the Washington-Tel Aviv Alliance for decimating the Christians there. I hope the Pope reflects upon this, seeing that prayers ordered by him can have the effect of changing the world. If he does take this lesson to heart one day perhaps he will begin to re-think some of his projects.

If you would care to tell me, could I ask which part of the world you are writing from? Your comments are always welcome and I was curious to know. Many of the readers of this blog are from countries other than my own.

Thank you again for your comment. Let's keep each other in our prayers.

aly said...

Aged parent, I always remember you and your family in my prayers and feel blessed that you might remember me in yours. I have always been happy that I came upon your very fine site. "Francis Fatigue" a most fitting phrase. I think we felt that we pretty much knew what to expect and not expect from Pope Francis but weren't prepared to be shocked. Yes when I don't feel shocked I've felt dejected but we will endure and find our help in the Name of Our Lord. And like you I too believe that All the prayers in the wide world led by Pope Francis that day pleased God because these fervent
callings and cries to our God for things that are universal and outreaching and selfless are some of what God desires in his people.
Aged parent I'm not worldly. I'm
just an American living in America.
I've been communicating with Some people from Syria and other middle
eastern countries on the incredible
internet. It has been interesting
and upsetting. The US-Israel connection has wreaked havoc, misery and death on so many people.
More than Americans have any idea
of. As a nation at the direction of our government and supporting entities we live under nearly a war protocol i.e. propaganda. We are never told the truth about what our leaders and allies are doing. Thus certainly not why. It's very ugly and so very unjust. We are not the kind of country we are told we are as you know. So at this point about all this I'm quite dejected but I have to do the little that I can to effect something good and figure out what
that is. And I'm determined to get back to reading your blog as regularly as I did before. Oh and briefly, the people I've been speaking with are on the side of the Assad government and say that the war was started by foreign terrorists and backed by foreign
governments. U.S. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar.

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