Saturday, October 26, 2013


A discussion about millstones

That grand and indefatigable lady, Daphne McLeod, presents some facts that the New Evangelisers may wish to meditate upon.  We will let Daphne speak for herself by offering a link to her latest newsletter, but let it be said right away that the latest statistics available show that in England around 96% of children educated in the Catholic schools leave the Faith shortly thereafter.

Here's the link:

I have no idea how the New Evangelism crowd plans to deal with this but I know perfectly well how the Old Evangelism crowd would.  It is perfectly clear that the Faith is not being passed on to future generations and if this situation does not change in the very near future there will be no Catholics left.  The "New Catechism" is very much to be blamed for a great deal of this problem and we would advise any parents of young children trying to teach them the seriousness and the certitudes of Catholicism to avoid it.  There are any number of sound catechisms that are still being published by small publishing firms.  As the computer specialists are wont to say, "garbage in, garbage out" so that should serve as a reliable warning about which catechism best transmits the truths of God's Church.  Daphne Mcleod's latest dire overview of the state of religious instruction is worthy of our attention.

Undoubtedly her report will please some people in the Church, those most interested in obliterating our twenty century heritage..

Her report is (for them) therefore yet another Vatican II success story.  It is a success for them because we always need to remember that adage which states:  "the result obtained was the result intended".


Anonymous said...

I was educated in UK Catholic schools, but cannot compare the old and new schools of evangelism.

What I can add though is the fact that many "pretend" Catholics will send their children to Catholic aided schools largely because, they will in general, be better than the state funded schools. Thus, once the education is completed there is no need for the pretense any more and thus, adding to the large number of drop outs.

This however, does not alter the fact that 96% is a shockingly high number and perhaps Benedict's vision of a smaller, but stronger church mabe coming to pass.

We live in morally difficult times.

Aged parent said...

A fascinating observation, Anon. I am not surprised that there is a "pretend" Catholic presence in some of those schools. In the USA there are very few Catholic children who could say a simple Hail Mary if their life depended upon it, so poor is Catholic instruction in this country.

Thank you for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aged Parent.

It is sad to see education being used as a pawn, because learning new things always is a pleasure (on condition that it is not propaganda).

Which is why I decided to move to Poland, where there is still some bulwark against modernism and all the false promises that it brings. Though things in no small measure are changing here.

I often wonder whether God needs to punish us a la Sodom and Gomorrah and leaves our modernist society to its own moral and spiritual emptiness, the results of which we see.

In true prayer and love there is always God and there we can find our true happiness.


aly said...

"the result obtained is the result intended" Aged parent. "... needs to punish us a la Sodom and Gomorrah" Anonymous Jan. "May Jesus' name and memory be blotted out". rabbi Y'mach Sh'mo V'zikhrono. "They brought all manner of vulgarities into the society". Histories.

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