Friday, October 4, 2013


Just another day in hyperventilating Washington, DC.

Do these trigger happy groups of Keystone Cops ever use thought processes before shooting indiscriminately?

Is their MO now to shoot first and ask questions later?

Are they so hopped-up on government propaganda that they go into extreme panic mode when some poor woman accidentally hits a fence near the sacred White House?

Did these clowns imagine that the car was going to leap 6500 feet into the air and aim itself at the White House?

Are they hiring rhesus monkeys now and putting them in police togas and giving them loaded weapons?

In another comic moment, Congress, white house staff and the Supreme Oracles all dashed into hiding when the ruckus started.  But when the poor, frightened Congresscritters were all returned to their seats to continue devising new methods of plunder the head police chief came in and announced that they had killed the woman... which point (yes, this really happened) these great statesmen stood up and gave him a standing ovation.

What a stupid, idiotic, deadly farce.

[UPDATE 22 October 2013:   A good article worth reading.]


Anonymous said...

They serve well the demons that possess them.

Aged parent said...

Brilliantly stated, Anon.

Anonymous said...

Может быть, хорошо , что поставит вещь об этом в моем маленьком личный блог , если я отправляю ссылку на theeye - ?

Aged parent said...

Yes, my Anonymous Russian friend, feel free to link to this site on your blog if you wish. Many thanks.

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