Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The ever-perceptive commentator Patrick Foy has written another very interesting article.

This one wonders if the next shoe - a very important one - is about to drop.  If it does drop it will make a tremendous change in the Syrian discussion...dare we say a tsunami-like change.  It is a shoe many in Washington (and elsewhere) mightily hope will not drop.

Here is Patrick's article:


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aly said...

Aged parent, Thank you for this post. It would be amazingly good if it were printed on the Front Page of every Newspaper in America to start. But it hasn't been and it won't be and there-in lies the problem. In the middle east they are very well aware of what Zionism
is and understand that it with it's nuclear arsenal and the power of America behind it is the greatest destroyer of their peace,
hope, and way of life. Terrorists are a fraction of the middle east
population and a bigger threat to the people there than to the western world. But it is true that if the western world led by
these United States doesn't change it's policies of war and terrorism
upon the middle east and continues creating terrorists by funding and even training numbers of them for their own covert designs, they will become more of a problem in the west that previously has been western propaganda and Mossad and CIA propaganda as means to an end. We are a shameful country and it goes without saying that Israel is.

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