Saturday, October 19, 2013


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Dr Strangelove is in charge in Washington.

This is not a parody: the USA is working on a drone that will act autonomously, making lethal (I said, lethal) decisions "on its own".

Here it is, for all the world to see:

In the wildest fantasies of the "Star Wars" or Trekkie imaginations, in the most unhinged minds of totalitarians of the past, nothing comes close to the reality of the madness that engulfs the ruling class of America.  These people are not only monsters.  They are dangerous monsters.

Does writing to your "representative" in Washington do any good?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  Most of Congress is a bought and paid for package, bought by AIPAC and the fabled "military-industrial complex".  But in this case there is really something more at play.  These people - the same who cram abortion and sodomy down our throats - have a definite touch of madness, a madness so profoundly dangerous and so bereft of simple Christian charity (or even a secular sort of sympathy) that for the safety of the public they should be institutionalized.  One supposes that a letter to one's "representative" (what a lovely and meaningless term) may do some little good to put a stop to such insane plans.  But as both Republicans and Democrats are cut from the same moth-eaten cloth I have my doubts that contacting them will do much if any good at all.  Senators and Congressmen are for the most part ignorant parasites who have gotten to where they are by money, lying and general soft-headedness.  Most are pawns for the Usual Suspects who haunt the Capitol and define the rules.  They are the pawns of the "suits", those uber-connected and extremely wealthy characters who make sure that their bought rulers stay bought and don't stray too far away from the big picture.

What a slimy world is that of our ruling class.  And now they want to program machines that will murder their enemies at the pleasure of the machines themselves.  With that, they imagine that their own consciences will remain clean since they didn't have to make the dreaded decision personally.

But when the tap on the shoulder comes to them as it will come to us all one day, then they will see  clearly who is responsible for these deaths.

But when that tap on the shoulder does come, dear rulers, it will be too late.

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