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The murderer
The victim: Colleen Kritzer
After perusing a few blogs, and a few websites, that have mentioned the murder of Collen Ritzer, one notices immediately the pertinent information that is missing from all of these posts.  Even the Catholic websites are leery of mentioning the proverbial elephant in the living room.  To mention the obvious seems to some like pointing out a mildly embarrassing faux pas that it would be impolite to bring up in mixed company.

But the London Daily Mail is less terrified it seems of being called names by those who are superior to the Great Unwashed:

Those who write from the relatively bucolic climes of the distant desert, or tranquil New England, or the cornfields of America have rarely had to face what those of us in large metropolitan areas like Chicago, or New York, or St Louis, or Milwaukee, or Detroit, or Minneapolis have to face every day which is, to put it quite bluntly, an epidemic of violence committed against innocent white people committed by fatherless, sociopathic, cruel blacks who have no empathy, no remorse, no impulse control, no family life to speak of, no morals, no faith; an epidemic that is unprecedented and is growing worse every day. had to be said. And it gives us no pleasure whatsoever to have said it.  These are people created by God

But do not take our word for it.  Read the words of the brilliant black scholar/pundit Thomas Sowell:

Mr Sowell's words need to be pondered.

Please pray for the soul of this young Catholic girl.

Not related precisely to the story mentioned above but as a reminder that this sort of thing is getting more commonplace:
Interestingly, it took the British papers to find the story.]

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Anonymous said...

All these outrages, violence against God, families, are the fruits of modern man's obsession with 'unrestricted' liberty.......false freedom.......false fraternity!

It almost feels as if there's a 'wide conspiracy of satanic design and purpose':

...the destruction of family (welfare given to single long as there's no father)........the fruit is -masses of dysfunctional families,........children from young age either abused mentally, physically, hungry for love, hungry for well balanced meal.....anger, despair, loneliness, hopelessness is their everyday existence.

.... immorality at it's highest peak, abortion.......freedom to kill, idolized materialism......

Who is to blame that we are such a sick nation........SPIRITUALLY, a country that does not proclaim that Christ is the King!, that Christ Must Reign!.......will not be blessed.......will fall in a 'pit' take God away from the created in the image of God will turn into a 'ravaging BEASTS'.

The mass production of garbage food that is poisoning our well being........turning people to look like 'beasts', many as young as 5 years old are raging, by the time they are in their youth, they become murderers.......there's a rage inside that is doomed to explode sooner then later.........garbage food, these vaccines, ADD drugs and whatever 'stripe', soft poisonous drinks.........makes all hyper, sick.........just take a look at the availability of drugs for so many different symptoms that are just laying on the answer to all your pain.

Why in such a sophisticated country are all so sick?
#1......heart attack, cancer, schizophrenia, suicide, diabetes, name just few.......

This is called a religion of Americanism.........the religion of false freedom, 'false democracy', 'progress', 'technology', 'microwave food', 'fast food' 'divorce'.........which for years was the envy of the world..........a disaster that came into being........which spread like a 'wild fire' throughout the land of the creatures.

The moment a country turns against God, His Holy Catholic Church, the One True opens the 'gate of hell'........for the devils to reign.

Viva Cristo Rey!
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

Shibes Meadow said...

You may not know it, but you are a soldier in a war: the War on White People.

But don’t take my word for it. The proof can be found in the pages of the news every day.

The War on White People begins with negation. For the past fifty years white people have been told that they do not exist — that is, that white people as such do not exist. We

have been taught that race is a social construct, and that there are no “white people”. (Until a scapegoat is needed, of course. Then we magically exist again.)
The war is being fought with condemnation. Whites have been relentlessly propagandized to believe that they have no right to exist. All the best brains agree that White people

(whom, as you will recall, do not exist) are by nature a race of oppressors, a people characterized by genocide and the brutal enslavement of Africans and others. Although we

are told that it is wrong to lump together all black people, all Asian people, or all Latino people, the Lords of Diversity have no problem lumping together all white people. We

are all haters in their eyes, either knowingly (“racist”) or unknowingly (“white privilege”). We are told that white people are a cancer on the earth, and that the earth will be

better off without us.

Which brings us to the ultimate goal of the war: our dehumanization. We have been carefully taught that White people have no right to exist as white people. Whiteness, we are

told, is repugnant and immoral. For more than fifty years the public has been hammered by propaganda ridiculing white people, white culture, and white identity.


The anti-White gospel has been pounded into our brains by schoolteachers, ministers, and political figures for five decades. White people have been the targets of a information

war the likes of which Stalin or Mao Zedong could only dream.

And we are losing this war. Most white people today (you, for example) reflexively deny their very existence as white people.

Most white people today (you, for example) sincerely believe that there is no such thing as the white race.

Most white people today (you, for example) hate themselves and react to any positive mention of white identity with a smirk or a call to the civil rights authorities.

For in our world today any suggestion that blacks and whites are not 100% equal in every way, any recognition of the fact that the U.S.A. has pretty much gone to hell since the

“liberation” of black people, any criticism of or lack of sensitivity toward a black person or group of black people will result in the use of the Ultimate Weapon against you: a

three-word phrase that blacks and their non-black allies use when they want to destroy someone.


The three words are:


It is by means of such racist witch-hunting that white people have been “put in their place”. Like blacks under apartheid or Jim Crow, we are harassed, hunted, held back, and

held accountable for various crimes on account of our race. Under Crow Jim, we are raped, robbed, and killed in the streets of our own cities. Our labor and enterprise are

ruthlessly exploited for the benefit of those who control us. Like a plantation field hand, any white person who dares resist, who dasses to lift his hand against the new massa in

self-defense, will be censured, ostracized, and denounced before the public as a racist and a hater by his fellow whites.

This campaign of anti-white hatred is beyond politics. This is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a people, a culture, an identity — white people, white culture, white


This is genocide.

Thanks to Dr. King’s Dream, the world has been turned upside down. The white man is the New Nigger. You are the New Nigger — a subhuman, fit only to be ridiculed,

scapegoated, exploited, hated, and exterminated.

And exterminated we will be, unless we fight.

-- Robert S, Oculus III, The White Book

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