Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Good Fight of the Polish Farmers

Here is a case study on why no one should allow themselves to get trapped into the phony Right Wing/Left Wing shell game.

"My son, beware the Right; but, my son, beware the Left", as the old French saying goes, and here in this excellent article by F William Engdahl, one of our favorite journalists, he shows how both the Right and the Left conspire to decimate the middle, in this case the farmers of Poland.  The Polish farmers are going against their NATO/IMF-friendly government demanding only what is just and what is right.  The Rightist government, now joining the lunatic US program to incite a nuclear war with Russia.among other great ideas, wants to open up ownership of pristine farmlands to internationalists and introduce GMO "products" into the land.

From the article:

Poland’s “pro-business” government is eager to lure foreign agribusiness giants into the country, something the Polish farmers know well will destroy them as well as the high-quality traditional Polish family farm. Already, Smithfield Farms of the USA, the world’s biggest pig producer, bought Poland’s Animex SA in 1999. Smithfield now runs a string of 16 or more huge hog farms where conditions have been described as “horrendous.” With growing environmental pollution pressures in the US against the massive fecal pollution of its factory farms that typically house tens of thousands of hogs in tight cages until they are slaughtered, Smithfield has sought countries where pollution laws are more lax such as Mexico.
As well, Aviagen, one of the world’s largest industrial factory farm producers of chickens, has moved into Poland. Their German parent company, PHW Group of Lower Saxony and its daughter, Lohmann/Aviagen Cuxhaven, were fined for massive violations of the German animal welfare protection laws in their facilities where day-old chicklings are run on assembly belts in the thousands, sorted, thrown out, feet cut off, others run through meat grinding machines live with feathers
First appeared:

The Right and the Left may differ on some issues, but when it comes to certain others they are, as always, in perfect lock step.  Thus when International Finance tells them to jump they only ask "How high?"

The article is here:


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Anonymous said...

Not to mention that Smithfield is now owned by the Chinese government.

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