Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Radiant as the sun"...and stupid as a box of rocks

Fat, jolly Timothy Dolan, Clown Prince of the Catholic Church, described himself as "radiant as the sun" as he disgraced his cloth, his Church and his God prancing down the streets of New York during the St Patrick's parade today along with his cherished homosexual friends.

Radiant as the sun....I thought that's how we are supposed to address the Pharaoh.

Perhaps Dolan believes he is Pharaoh.

But he is not a Pharaoh.  Nor is he much of a Cardinal.   He is a fake.


This man is again bringing shame and ridicule upon Christ and those who follow Him.

Go away, Your Eminence, and don't ever come back.


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Very sad. Idiocy on stilts and shouting into a megaphone for good measure.
Is it any wonder that mediocre types like Cardinal George Pell are considered 'intellectuals'.

Vox Cantoris said...

How can we have respect for any of these anymore. They have mocked Our Blessed Lord and they play us for fools.

Now, there are reports that the Pope has appointed a homosexual voyeur to the episcopacy in Chile. The people demand it be rescinded and he ignores them.

We must not fail in our battle for Christ and His Church!

Aged parent said...


I really cannot see how we can respect the likes of Dolan, et al, anymore. As you point out, their mocking of Our Lord says it all. And in any case, respect has to be earned. As Catholics we automatically respect the office; but we don't have to respect the occupant of that office if he degrades it as Dolan and others have done. In other words, I recognize and respect the fact that he is the duly-appointed Cardinal Archbishop of New York but I have zero respect for him as both a man and an overseer of his diocese. He is an utter disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Their office...respect their holy office.

Saint Joseph, pray for us. said...

I know of a small boy who was so arrogant and full of himself that his own mother told him that perhaps she should put a paper bag over his head each morning so that the sun could rise.

That is certainly the case for Francis, but this fat buffoon named Dolan is not so arrogant as he is giddy and silly. His claiming to feel "as radiant as the sun" is what I would expect to hear from a homosexual pretending to be a woman as he prances down the aisle at a pretend marriage ceremony. But I repeat myself.

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