Friday, March 27, 2015

Melkite Patriarch: NO military action in Syria

As everyone and their brother is demanding military action in Syria (music to the ears of the USA) the Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch - who knows of what he speaks - says NO.

The USA under Barack Obama is itching to destroy Syria and its president because the Zionists demand it. When Netanyahu barks, Obama and the Neocons jump.  [The fact that there is a very minor rift going on between Obama and Netanyahu changes nothing.  It's merely a case of thieves falling out, no more.]

But the Patriarch knows full well that if the USA comes in it will be the end of the Christian population there. When Vladimir Putin (and the call to fasting and prayer by the Pope) stopped the invasion of Syria by the US in 2013 Israel and the United States, fuming mad, have been using every pretext in the book to find ways to bomb Syria anyway.  Hence they have created and financed ISIS and they have been sending millions of dollars to the Syrian opposition.  This is a perfect situation for the deranged US neocons: they create the monster called ISIS...and then they go to Syria to destroy this monster they have created.  And if, well, Assad and his government and his people happen to be bombed into the stone age at the same time....mission accomplished.

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