Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Has-been actress thrusts herself back into the limelight

The ridiculous spectacle of a Catholic school and a Catholic Bishop cowering in fear of Big Buggery because one of the school's teachers made some innocuous comments on her Facebook page that supported simple human common sense with regard to males and females is, in one way, rather funny.


Portrait of an old actress who will do ANYTHING  to be noticed again
It is even funnier when one considers the presence of a has-been movie actress, the profoundly untalented Susan Sarandon, joining in the fray.  In her case it is tragically funny.  Forgotten for years, Mizz Sarandon is desperate to be in the news again, reliving her glory days when people knew who she was (Were there ever that many?).  One of her nephews attends the Catholic school in question and presumably began wetting his pants when he read these mild remarks about the sanctity of marriage on the teacher's Facebook page and went crying and screaming to Auntie.  Then the press agents were pressed into service and the horrified media, aghast at discovering a Catholic teacher who is Catholic, decided to act.

Bishop Bootlicker
So, when confronted by a chorus of badly-catechized Catholics and a Great Big Movie Star of a Bygone Era, the Bishop - also presumably wetting his pants - decided to chime in with his craven grovelling act. Bishop Paul Bootlicker - I mean Paul Bootkoski - wrote the usual scripted drivel about judgmentalism and all that bad stuff.  At least the media could rest assured that the Bishop wasn't acting like a Catholic. Looking at it from the Bishop's point of view, why on earth should he condescend to teach the Faith?  After all, he is a Bishop of the Catholic Church and should not be expected to pass along the Faith, whole and entire, which was given by Jesus Christ to His Apostles with instructions to teach all nations forever.  Looking at his portrait we can see that what he does pass along, or rather does not pass along, are the potatoes, the desserts and lots of high fructose corn syrup.  But the Catholic faith....well, that's something else again.

And Susan Sarandon.  Goodness, it's pitiful to see these people, like Norma Desmond in "Sunset Boulevard", doing anything to keep their names before the public.

So, Your Excellency, where does that leave this totally innocent Catholic school teacher who is being hounded by International Poofdom and its yelping jackals?  Can she expect her father-in-the-Faith, her own Bishop, to come to her rescue and use the opportunity to teach the truth?


There is a word that describes cowardice in the face of the enemy.  Treason.

(Say at least one Hail Mary for Patricia Jannuzzi.)

(And if you can stomach it, say one for her cowardly Bishop.)

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