Friday, March 6, 2015

Archbishop Shevchuk, please note: the Rape of Ukraine by the Bankers has begun

Archbishop Shevchuk is a man for whom I have the greatest admiration.  He is the head of the Ukrainian Catholics in Ukraine, and has, I know, the interests of his nation at heart.  But there is, I think, a chink in his armour, a chink which refuses to see who are the real villains in the Ukranian crisis.

As a venerable anti-Communist and as one who knows how the Soviets starved to death millions of Ukranians in the 1930s (far more deaths than Hitler was responsible for) the Archbishop harbors still a distrust for Russians, even after the old Soviet/Bolshevik system collapsed.  While he is closer to events than I am it is often true that those who look at events from far away often (not always, but often) have a clearer view of the problem.  It is not my intention to publicly disagree with this good man about events in his beloved country but I will offer for his consideration, and those of our readers, the following articles by the perceptive F William Engdahl:

and this:

The rape of this country is being done by that most usual of suspects, the Money Power.  I can only hope that the Archbishop takes a closer look as to who is friends are, and who his enemies are.

And I hope that all other countries under the American thumb - Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. - also take note and watch the rape as it happens.

If the Washington-backed coup regime prevails Ukraine can also expect the introduction pf sex perversion as a "norm" that must be accepted.  Or else.

Archbishop Shevchuk is, as I said, a man of integrity.  Yet even the most well-meaning of men can be guilty of sometimes not seeing the elephant in the living room.

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Anonymous said...

And what will the Archbishop do in October 2015? Will he stay in communion with Rome once Rome gives the 'all-clear' to allow sodomite 'weddings' in Catholic churches? We all know it's a matter of time before this happens. How will Schevchuk respond? Will he simply kow tow to Rome or will he tell Rome what they really are and take his flock out of Rome?

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