Monday, March 16, 2015

Clarity from a European politician

The words "clarity" and "politician" do not usually belong together, being sort of an oxymoron when seen side by side.  But in Mr Nigel Farage of Britain's UKIP we get clarity, as seen here in remarks directed to his fellows in the European Union.  While we are unable to share all of Mr Farage's views on certain issues, it would be hard to find fault with what he says here.

This brief, five-minute example of truth is, as they say, like a breath of Spring:

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Anonymous said...

As a resident of "the septred isle" I sincerely hope Nigel Farage and UKIP well in the upcoming general election. If his party doesn't do well I and many others will seriously suspect vote rigging and electoral sabotage organised at the highest levels of power.

Anonymous said...

He speaks with clarity and should be the next PM of the UK.
However lets be fair ,why are the separists in Dopnesk peoples republic persecuting Baptists,Pentecostals,Catholic and greek Catholics.The latter two our fellow co-religionists? I saw VICE news clip the other day and I was appalled. I am an aussie and these separatists have Australian blood on their hands with the MH17 but I also know that our friends the USA have their muddy hands all over this . Why have they not been actively pursuing Putin on this war crime

Anonymous said...

I will answer myself perhaps it is because
1. No Americans were killed or and
2.They know something more than the rest of us.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, Gervase, as always, for your much-appreciated comments.

About MH17: it is still not clear who was behind this. Interestingly, the moment it happened - and I mean the MOMENT it happened - the mass media, with no evidence whatsoever, blamed Putin and the separatists. The propaganda was deafening. Then people started asking some pertinent questions. The USA, which has satellites, drones and Heaven knows what else constantly circulating the area, with the ability to photograph a matchbook from outer space, was asked to show the world any visual evidence it had. Suddenly, all went quiet. The insinuations still kept coming in the media blaming their new "bete noir" but when evidence and photos were demanded, the media didn't want to know.

Then the Russians - who also have surveillance going on in the area - offered the visuals they had to the US government. The USA's response: no comment. Then the Russians demanded an international, unbiased investigation into the matter which, at this point, has not been done. Then the junta in Kiev began gathering the evidence from the crash site and not letting anyone see it. They got hold of the black box and refuse to let anyone investigate.

Those are some pertinent facts for you to consider, and I will let you make of them what you will. For my part I will refer you to the following links, which do ask some important questions about the incident:

Always glad to have your comments, Gervase, and thanks for stopping by our blog.

With every good wish for the coming Easter Season...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this balanced response and also Blessings for this Easter. Can I ask are you Eastern Catholic ?

Secondly on April 25th will be the 100th anniversary of Australian,New Zealand ,French and British forces landing on Gallipoli in Turkey. It is also the 100th anniversary of the Ammenian genocide beginning. I plan that weekend to worship at the Armenian catholic church as a mark of respect for their dead who were massacred by the YOUNG TURKS

Aged parent said...

Hello Gervase: No, I'm a Latin Rite Catholic but I have attended some lovely Eastern Rite Catholic liturgies.

Thanks for the additional info.

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