Saturday, March 14, 2015

Our ally, al-Qaeda??

That notable Irishman, Barak Mendelsohn, of the famous Council on Foreign Relations (the baby of the Rockefeller boys), is instructing us to openly support Al-Qaeda.  Journalist Daniel McAdams has the dope on this:

Now we have been saying since this blog began that it is the US and Israel that have been financing, supplying and training the very terrorists they are now (supposedly) fighting.  With Mendelsohn's call to openly support them now vindicates this conclusion most nicely.  The real goal is complete Zionist control of the Middle East, and to accomplish this those countries that support the humane treatment of the historic inhabitants of the Holy Land, aka the Palestinians, like Syria and Iran, must be obliterated.  The state of Israel demands it.  And they demand that the USA do their dirty work for them.  And as in Iraq and Lybia, US soldiers will go on to die for Israel.  If you think this is too radical a statement I refer you to the chorus of trained seals in Congress who recently gave war criminal Netanyahu umpteen standing ovations as he gave America its marching orders the other day in Washington.

And if it takes proxy armies like Al-Qaeda and/or ISIS to do some of the fighting, to at least soften up the governments prior to US troops and bombs, then all the better.  Hence Mr Mendelsohn, now openly giving the game away by suggesting we simply support the terrorists no questions asked and drop this phony mask about "fighting them".

Of course anyone else that might be thinking about supporting Syria and Iran must also get a taste of regime change.  I leave it to the reader to guess which country has openly stated that they support both Syria and Iran and its Christian populations, and is now finding itself turned into a worldwide villain by a mass media owned by Mr Mendelsohn's fellow Irishmen.


No surprise there.


Anonymous said...

Some how I don't think Barak Mendelsohn was born with an uncircumcised shamrock between his legs!
Mr AP your political analysis and insight is quite correct and your indignation justified and understandable, but perhaps 'we', and I include myself, are often caught by our own naivete. We only have to turn back the pages of history to 17th century Europe to witness duplicity and hypocracy practiced on a vast scale. France's 'Cardinal' Richelieu supported and financed 'terrorists' against fellow Catholics in Germany. Also the papacy supported William of Orange against Louis XIV, with England's James II acting as a 'useful fool'. Politics makes strange bedfellows! Perhaps us little folk should become detached from the 'system' and save ourselves a hefty hospital bill for ulcer and high blood treatments.

Anonymous said...

Louis XIV, "that most Christian Turk," was training and arming the Muslims in their attempts to overrun Europe. He attempted to prevent the Polish King Jan Sobieski from helping defend Vienna, but was unsuccessful.

Louis XIV also refused Our Lord's request to consecrate his nation to the Sacred Heart, resulting in the French Revolution (one hundred years later, to the day). A revolution that has yet to run its course, and from whose affects we continue to suffer.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:42, Louis XIV wasn't pro-muslim, he used the Turks as a convenient tool to apply pressure against his rivals the Habsburgs. Of course that doesn't excuse his actions. Today secular France appears again to be 'playing the muslim card'.
The point I attempted to make in my original post was that because of covert papal support for William of Orange, Catholics in Ireland and Scotland endured a century of persecution and suffering. The unintended consequences of papal diplomacy! Those Catholics paid the price in the grand scheme of controlling Louis XIV.
As I said, politics makes strange bedfellows. Perhaps it is better for our health to have a dispassionate, detached and even a cynical attitude to current events, both secular and religious.

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