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Kiev, 19 February 2014:

See here the work of International Finance, and the USA (or do I repeat myself?).  When they want something they don't fool around, and they care not a whit who gets killed, the innocent or their bought-and-paid-for agitators, armed to the teeth courtesy the US taxpayer.

RT reports:

Mr F William Engdahl offers his usual pertinent observations here:

Pat Buchanan weighs in here:

Daniel McAdams:

Some months back we wrote about this and it would seem that our initial suspicions were fairly close to the mark.

Reports have been coming in that various religious personages, Orthodox and Catholic, are supporting the protesters.  At first glance this would appear quite strange so we must ask what the nature of that support is.  If it is typical Christian concern for the well-being of people who are wounded or killed in this nonsense, well and good.  But if not, if they are actually in fact on the side of the protesters, then I cannot imagine what is going on in their minds and would most certainly welcome their views on the matter.  As it stands, this is clearly paid agitation by Big Money interests, represented by the USA.  Of that there is no doubt whatsoever.  But if there are other issues at play then we will anxiously look for additional information from the clerics on the ground, always remembering that no one is immune from propaganda, even religious.

Daniel McAdams offers the following comparisons between what is happening in Ukraine with what has been happening in Syria, pointing out that each time the Syrian and Ukrainian Presidents offered to calm the situation by compromise and forgiveness, the violence of the protesters became even worse.  (For your own amusement you might write to your Congressman and ask why we as a nation are supplying firepower and men to overthrow these two countries.  Be prepared for some funny boilerplate replies)

It is tempting to simplify matters, a temptation that this writer is hardly immune to.  But the reported sympathies of such exemplary men as Archbishop Shevchuk notwithstanding it seems foolhardy in the extreme to provoke Russia in this manner by intervening in a situation that is designed to benefit financial oligarchs.

Some Catholic sources are reporting that Russia is being turned into a police state by Vladimir Putin.  That may be as may be.  But this writer would require evidence first and not rely upon the ravings of the sodomites (as, apparently, some Catholic sources have) who are hysterically angry at Putin for signing into law a few tepid (but hopeful) measures reigning in their sexual anarchy.  These Catholics would be well advised to be concerned about a real police state being constructed right here in the so-called land of the free.   Along these lines let us consider some of the enemies Russia has made of late:

1. super-rich oligarchs whose predations upon Russia were severely curtailed by him (with many of them fleeing to Israel),
2. the USA, which is furious with Putin for thwarting their plans to attack Syria,
3. International Poofdom which will not tolerate any law that will protect children from their perversions,
4. the Poles, sadly enough, due to a long-standing tension between the two countries,
5. Israel, because of Russia's defense of Christians in the Middle East (also, see #1)
6. NATO, which being the European arm of the US will not brook interference in its war-mongering
7. The US Stasi, aka, Homeland Security, et al, for Russia granting asylum to Edward Snowden
8. Planned parenthood, enraged that Russia is taking a few baby steps to slow down the abortion steam-roller.
9. Large numbers of Ukranians themselves who have a long-held antipathy, some of it justified, towards Russia.

All in all an impressive list of enemies...all of whom (except the Poles and Ukranians), incidentally have one thing in common: an antipathy to Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular.

And speaking of defending Christians, where are the Catholics and "Catholic" nations in all this?  Every day horrors against Christians occur in Israel, and at the hands of the American-supported protesters in other Middle Eastern nations.  Who tries to help them in a concrete way?  The USA?  The only world leader who is actually speaking out against Christian persecutions is that ersatz dictator Vladimir Putin.  Some dictator he turned out to be.  (He isn't even in the same class as Mr Obama.)

If these words seem intemperate to some it is merely because it is frustrating to discover how many Americans still rely on the 5th Grade US history textbooks as a guide to world events.  Worse, there is a very strong strain of Yankeeism and and its illegitimate son, jingoism that plays a large role in the formation of American minds, lay and religious.  Misunderstanding about what is really going on in the Holy Land is endemic here.  A recent poll of US citizens reveals that an oppressive government like Israel is still viewed favorably by a majority of Americans.  Propaganda has played a big part in this, of course.  But so has the lack of curiosity on the part of my fellow citizens.  Outrage upon outrage committed against innocent Christians and Muslims occurs every day in Palestine but it goes unnoticed and unreported.  Let's be honest, do we Christians really care about the sufferings of our fellow Christians in the East?  If that poll is to be believed the answer is, probably not.

Our glorious Emperor has threatened "consequences" if things don't go his way in Ukraine.  As pitifully arrogant as that threat is we should not take it too lightly.  The USA McCainish war-mongers want their war, and they want it now.  Russia (and the prayers and fastings of a Pope) deprived them of their murder rampage against Syria, something the US establishment will never forget.  So the "suits" will now concentrate on Ukraine instead, in order to get them under the control of the IMF.  When that happens the real looting of Ukraine will begin in earnest.  After all, the international financial interests demand it.

They want what they want what they want.

And that means more blood.

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