Monday, February 24, 2014


Your Holiness:

Your Holiness' friend (?) Mr Netanyahu has just announced, via one of his top generals, that he is about to kill a few thousand innocent Lebanese civilians.

Many Catholics are wondering about the wisdom of the Holy See's 1994 about face vis-a-vis recognition of Israel as a Jewish-only state and the diplomatic relations that have been born of that.  Pope Saint Pius X refused to recognize the project of a Jewish state, a sound policy that was in full force until the pontificate of John Paul II.  St Pius' wise diplomacy prevented the Holy See from becoming a party to atrocities but ever since John Paul's reversal of that policy the Catholic Church has become too often the promoter, willing or unwilling, of Israeli aggression and injustice.  Perhaps now is the time to re-establish the old policy of not carrying on diplomatic relations with the illegal regime in the Holy Land.

Now that the occupiers of Palestine have formally announced that they are going to commit war crimes against Catholic Lebanon we Catholics are naturally awaiting some comment from you.  We are naturally assuming that the indiscriminate killing of numerous innocent Catholics and Muslims is an unspeakable crime in your eyes.  We also assume that Your Holiness is aware that preceding each and every Israeli onslaught against innocents -  Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, etc. -  is a meeting between some Israeli dignitary and the Pope of Rome.   I am certain that Your Holiness does not want to be a mere fall-guy, a prop so to speak, used by Israel to sprinkle a little holy water over their murder raids.

Murder is a harsh word to use, Your Holiness.  But what other word can be found to describe what Israel is about to do?

Perhaps you could denounce this proposed killing in advance, as you denounced the one that was intended for Syria?

The lives of innocent men, women and little children are about to be snuffed out by Israel.  Can you find it in your heart to say something?  Your Holiness will travel to the Middle East in May.  There you will be meeting with many Orthodox.  This is a good and noble project.  You will be discussing with them the persecution of Christians in the Holy Land.  When you do, Your Holiness, Catholics ask you to pay especial attention to the ultimate cause of all this strife, namely the so-called state of Israel which committed and is still committing theft, murder, ethnic cleansing on a huge scale and in many ways are, ironically, acting even worse than the Nazis they so often condemn.  We hope and pray that you will listen to the people in the Holy Land and know who it is that stands in the way of genuine peace.

The Editor,
The Eye-Witness

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Joe Potillor said...

Zionism is a heresy, and unfortunately there are those in the hierarchy that promote this. It's rather pathetic. Zionism is the means for the NWO....Kyrie eleison

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